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Ecommerce Marketing Services
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Turn your business into a sales funnel?
We will analyze your competitors and find growth points for your business
Increase brand awareness and loyalty?
We will create a marketing strategy for your Ecommerce store and implement it
The results we deliver

Marie Claire Home is the official representative office of Marie Claire Paris in Ukraine, which sells branded home textiles.

The key to success: effective trigger Email marketing. Timely communication and empathy.

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GlobalSeafoods is a website that sells high-quality seafood products in the US market.

The key to success: openness to new approaches and creative strategies.

TOP 3 rankings:
over 90%

Sunrose is an online store and flower delivery service in Ukraine and worldwide..

The key to success: wise strategy and email optimization.

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Our main principles
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Focus on sales
The main goal of any Ecommerce business is selling goods. Our Ecommerce digital marketing strategy is focused on working with the most profitable product categories and SKUs of your business. We provide recommendations for increasing conversion rate and winning back the customers.
Lean resources distribution
We always solve the most important and critical tasks in order to get maximum sales growth to your business as soon as possible.

We understand that Livepage services should pay off, so we choose the most effective channels for attracting and retaining customers.
Livepage team photos
Livepage team photos
Expertise of a large team and fresh look
Livepage has vast experience in Ecommerce online marketing in different niches and at different business development stages.

Your project team will be formed based on the needs, selected digital marketing channels and consists of more than 3 people. The main connector between your business and technical specialists is a Project Manager, who determines the goals of the project and monitors their achievement together with you.
Executing efficient ecommerce marketing strategies
  • Competitor analysis
  • Explore the target audience
  • Identify strategies that competitors use
  • Create the least costly marketing strategy to achieve the result
  • Offer solutions that will bring sales
  • SEO
  • Use only proven white hat tactics
  • Perform a technical SEO audits and identify critical errors that keep your site from ranking
  • Сreate the detailed structure of an online store and produce content that your customers would search for
  • Compose and implement a link strategy
  • Email
  • Improve customer loyalty and help the brand to differentiate
  • Work with several channels within the same strategy: email, sms, push, Viber
  • Set up effective and unique marketing automation tactics
  • PPC
  • Set up an analytics and track targeted actions
  • Set up the necessary types of advertising for your business in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, etc.
Maximize online sales with targeted ecommerce marketing
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Competitor analysis
A lot of companies waste time, money, and resources on advertising, content, and services without an effective marketing strategy. A marketing strategy requires a deep dive into target audiences and their behaviors. For each client, we research a niche and analyze competitors in order to find 20% of actions that will bring 80% of success.
Reduce the customer acquisition cost in the long run with SEO
Organic traffic from search engines is the cheapest long-term sales channel. 8 years of experience in promoting more than 200 Ecommerce projects helps us to choose the actions that will lead your business to success as soon as possible.

After 6-9 months, you will be able to transfer the marketing budget to other channels and receive constant sales from SEO with little to no efforts.
Livepage team photos
Livepage team photos
Increase marketing outcome with PPC
We plan in detail which product categories are worth to work with, and which will be useful later. We start with proven tools and your best-selling categories, products, and brands.

We achieve the goal of reducing CAC (pay less for every customer) and increasing ROI by improving the existing ad campaigns of your Ecommerce business.
Develop relationships and create repeat customers with email marketing
Payless for getting repeat sales than your competitors do.

Client acquisition cost (CAC) will continue to grow, so retaining a customer base right now is an essential part of a digital marketing strategy. By increasing the number of repeat sales, brand loyalty and willingness to recommend it, you will become more successful in returning investment in marketing.

We create unique communication strategies, automate processes to maximize the ROI of the email newsletter channel.
Livepage team photos
Livepage team photos
Results monitoring and analysis
Every month we measure and analyze our marketing efforts and create a marketing plan which helps to grow your business and move forward.

Cost and efficiency

In 99% of cases, our customers fully return the investment in cooperation with Livepage.

The project cost depends on:

  • the scope of work done on a monthly basis,
  • goals and deadlines,
  • your willingness to take risks,
  • marketing budget.

The average monthly retainer is between 700 to $2 000 per month, depending on business goals, the team needed and market competition.

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