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Link Building for, a local mobile phone service business

Valeria Krasavina
Valeria Krasavina
October 12, 2023 | 12 min. reading

Client description

UCtel is a local company providing indoor mobile communication solutions and mobile phone signal boosting. The company offers a stable, reliable, and consistent connection for all mobile networks in the UK. Their solutions allow users to receive high-quality mobile communications inside buildings where the signal may be limited or poor. UCtel products help customers get a stable connection to mobile networks and improve the quality of communication for their employees and customers. The company cares about the quality of its services and constantly improves its products to meet customer needs in mobile communications.

Developing a link-building promotion strategy

The client contacted us in October 2021 with an existing website with 3 landing pages and several blog articles. Organic traffic was 35 users per month.

Link building was part of our SEO work, as one of the most important and effective tasks. Due to the knowledge of effective link types and budget limits, we chose the following strategy to build the link mass of the site:

  • directory submissions;
  • sponsored post;
  • link bundles;
  • crowd.

How the link dynamics changed:

First months:


Dynamics of basic reference metrics according to Ahrefs:

Types of links used (submissions, crowd, sponsored post)

1. Directory Submissions

We have chosen submissions to start our work.

What are directory submissions? Directory Submissions are one of the important step in promoting a local business, namely that provides mobile phone signal-boosting solutions.

Also, submissions are links on various platforms or directories that allow you to add information about a business, including its contact details, services, location, etc.

Why do experts choose submissions? There are several factors for that:

  1. Increase in SEO metrics (DR, traffic, etc.).
  2. Posting information about your local business on such resources will improve your brand visibility for potential customers looking for services in your area.
  3. Submissions influence Google My Business as they assist you in confirming the correct business information. Registration on review sites increases your ranking and credibility. Increasing the site’s visibility after registration on directories gives you additional chances to appear in search and on GMB.
  4. Increase in local traffic.
  5. Potential customers will trust your company more if they can find your contact information, reviews, and other details on various reputable resources.

The main criterion for the submissions was their indexing.

Therefore, using online listings and directories for your mobile boosting business can greatly contribute to your online visibility, increased trust, customer engagement, and attracting local customers.

2. Sponsored post

After three months of adding directory submissions, we gradually introduced sponsored posts.

A sponsored post is an article or post with a link to your website or product.

We chose sponsored posts to:

  1. Raise brand awareness.
  2. Increase link weight.
  3. Expand the audience.
  4. Attract new customers from the region.
  5. Improve recognition and trust.

We started by posting three articles a month and increased by one link every month.


3. Link bundles

To improve the results even further, we chose our link bundles (a package service for clients).

We aimed at:

  • getting SEO links from trusted resources with high performance;
  • increasing brand awareness by mentioning it in articles;
  • improving positions in search engines.


4. Crowd links

 Later, we added crowd links.

What are crowd links? Crowd links are a way of communicating with the target audience on the Internet to draw attention to a particular brand or product.

The importance of crowd in link building is in:

  1. Strengthening the link weight.
  2. Increasing the site’s credibility.
  3. Improving organic traffic.
  4. Attracting a local audience. Crowd links on local resources help to attract the attention of residents, which can increase local traffic and customer base.
  5. Improving visibility in local search. An optimized link profile can help boost your business’s position in local search, particularly on Google My Business, allowing more residents to find your company.
  6. Increasing brand credibility.

Livepage TOR example:



Organic traffic

Organic traffic growth is essential to success as it improves visibility, attracts new customers, increases sales, and forms brand trust.

We started working on January 11, 2021. At that time, the site had 35 users.

Now, organic traffic has reached 3,580 users in the UK (August 21, 2023).

Number of links

To gain an advantage over competitors, you need to increase the number of links.

At the beginning of our work, there were 20 linking domains.

Now the number of linking domains is 427.

Domain Rating (DR) growth

Domain Rating is the key to improving site visibility, attracting organic traffic, increasing brand trust, getting high-quality links, and gaining a competitive advantage.

We started with DR 5.

Now, DR is 30.


Conversions directly affect business profitability. The higher the conversion rate, the more users perform the desired actions that bring profit to the company. Successful conversions mean more visitors turn into paying customers, which helps to increase revenues.

Growth points: Further project development and plans

The project has the potential for additional growth. To achieve even greater success, we plan to:

  1. Increase the blog volume and publish articles regularly.
  2. Attract more quality links from trusted resources. uses quality links and a variety of link-building techniques to improve its business and meet its customer needs in the mobile communications industry. Our strategies help to attract new customers, improve organic traffic and search engine rankings, and increase brand trust. We achieved traffic growth of +8,000%. The number of conversions increased by 1,300%.

We are actively building a high-quality backlink profile, using various link types, and applying the most effective white hat promotion methods. If you also want to achieve similar success and increase your business visibility on the Internet, we are ready to help. Our Livepage team has experience developing and executing effective link-building and digital marketing strategies. Contact us today to discuss what steps can be taken to achieve your goals and increase your brand’s credibility.

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