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A platform for investing in the stock market

SEO promotion for the Gainy stock investment app

Market: USA

We developed the website structure and promotion strategy, reaching 10,000 users and over 100 conversions a month.

Gainy is an application and platform for investing in the stock market.

Traffic growth per month from 0
At the moment, 10,193 users visit the site per month.
By creating the right structure and clearly understanding the target audience of the website, the business receives more than 100 conversions per month.
Conversions growth per month from 0
Over 100
Key success factors
A clear understanding of the target audience.
One of the main success factors is the correct understanding of the target audience, both from the client's side and ours.
Constant search and creation of new website entry points.
We are constantly researching the market to find pages that will interest our target audience. Together, we continuously create new conversion sections on the site and separate landing pages.
Incredibly high-quality and professional content!
The niche where Gainy works is high-frequency and extremely competitive. However, thanks to the content's quality, we managed to find the perfect combination of SEO and copywriting.
SEO promotion for the Gainy application — a platform for investing in the stock market

In a year and a half of work, we created an interesting and converting website from scratch with traffic of 10,193 users (at the end of November):

Total traffic to the website from 11/1/2022 to 11/30/2022

What allowed us to achieve over 100 conversions per month – we reached these results thanks to a technically optimized website, a lot of research, a correctly chosen target audience, a wide website structure, a unique design, expert content, and a huge desire of the client to become a leader!

The project is constantly growing and developing:

Google organic traffic growth dynamics from 11/29/2021 to 11/28/2022

During the year (from November 29, 2021, to November 28, 2022), we increased the presence of website pages for 1,786 keywords in the top 10 of Google organic search in a high-frequency and highly competitive niche:

Increase in the number of keywords in organic search from 11/29/2021 to 11/28/2022

This case is an intermediate result before the New Year 2023 to look back on and see how much work we have done and what we have achieved!


The American stock market is an established multi-billion dollar trading system with obvious players and their place in this system. As there is a lot of money involved, new players appear every month, and their goal is to integrate into this system as much as possible and find their place. However, not everyone succeeds.

This is an extremely competitive industry. You need something more than just money to enter this niche. It is crucial to have an idea and a concept that will benefit investors, and it has to be something new on the market.

Eugene Shepard, Head of Marketing at Gainy, approached the Livepage team with this new idea. It is worth noting Eugene’s unbelievable will, authority, and creativity, which made it possible to achieve the current results.

Eugene is a true team player. He was able to organize a talented team on his side, which perfectly integrated into our internal processes. Thanks to this teamwork, we were able to look at work with startups in a completely different way.

Eugene is incredibly responsible, creative, and open to any discussions and suggestions. He came up with cool ideas and hypotheses that we tested and helped bring to life. He realized the importance of immersing the team at every stage and, therefore, always helped us understand various subtleties of his project, which allowed our team to dive deeper into financial topics.

I am grateful for the constant experience exchange, his professionalism, and his unique approach to generating ideas. Eugene can best be described by his quote:

“Confidence is what you have until you begin understanding the problem.”

Over the time we have worked together, we managed to create trusting partnerships thanks to open communication. And funny jokes at meetings create a special atmosphere!

Gainy app idea

The idea of the Gainy stock market investment application is to give investors the opportunity not only to buy shares but also to analyze their favorite companies and create their own lists in different industries. In the application, you can create a portfolio of firms you track and want to buy, and Gainy will provide you with the necessary analytical data.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the Gainy development called Thematic Trading Fractional (TTF). Each TTF is a separate selection of 10-15 thematically related companies (for example, by industry or business). They are carefully selected by the Gainy analysts so that when you invest in a specific TTF, you get the maximum profit! Moreover, you do not need to buy a whole share of each selected company. You can invest as little as $10 and enter the investment world. When you invest $10, you become the owner of a fractional share of the companies in the chosen TTF. You just need to pick your favorite TTF, and Gainy will do the rest!

Target audience

Based on the previously mentioned idea, we identified two main target audiences:

  1. Advanced investors with experience in stock exchange trading.

We wanted to offer Gainy as an additional stock market investment tool with consolidated analytical data to help them make their decisions regarding investment. The idea is that an investor can create a selection(s) of companies to track and use Gainy data to grow their investment portfolio.

  1. Beginner investors with no trading experience.

This is the most interesting target audience for us. The application allows you to create an ideal investment portfolio and to try investing with just $10.

For beginners, it is crucial not to “go broke.” They don’t have experience, necessary trading tools, and solutions, but they have money and a desire to live comfortably in retirement. Gainy, in turn, makes it possible to start with minimal amounts, has easy-to-understand app features, and makes it clear to users how it works and how they can generate income. And that all is needed to become part of the world of investments!

Promotion strategy

Once we identified two target audience types, it became clear that we should approach them in completely different ways. It is slightly easier with advanced investors, as you have to show them the clear advantages of the trading application. However, the situation with beginner investors is a bit more complicated.

Beginners have money but don’t know or don’t understand how to invest. Sometimes they do have some experience, but it is insufficient for secure trading. There are many financial terms, formulas, types of investments, funds, companies, and other trading elements. All of these can be intimidating and confusing for beginners.

Therefore, we decided to create several sections, and each of them has its own purpose. Each section should help beginners at a certain stage of involvement in the world of investments and answer their questions:

  • The Knowledge Base section is similar to a dictionary, with simple questions and understandable answers. We wanted to allow users to find simple answers to their questions quickly.
  • The For Beginners landing page answers questions about Gainy, what benefits you get to start, and how it all works.
  • The main task of the IPO section is to familiarize beginners with the history of how a company of interest entered the stock exchange and started stock trading.
  • In Stock Hub, we show companies’ industries, discuss them, and show price dynamics.
  • In Crypto Hub, we talk about existing cryptocurrencies and why they are worth investing in. We discuss how their prices have changed and what to expect from the cryptocurrency market next.
  • In the Blog, we teach in detail how to invest at the beginner level, what to consider, what to be wary of, where to look when making a decision, and so on.
  • We decided to create a separate landing page for advanced users to tell them about the features and benefits of the application. We show them what makes us stand out from competitors and allow them to test a new tool.

For each section, we have an idea and understanding of the target audience that should get interested and come to the page. And this is a fraction of what we want to implement on the site. We are already working on new sections that will attract even more beginners and experienced investors.

The main idea for the promotion strategy is to create different entry points to the site for investors of all trading levels while tracking conversion actions on the created pages.

By tracking the results of each section and page of the site, we make important decisions for the project’s further development. This allows us to review the demand in organic search and determine the future development direction using additional research.

Content creation

It is worth paying particular attention to this topic, as we consider the success of stock market app SEO promotion to be directly related to the professional writing of blog articles and all other texts on the site.

Artem and Polina, who are both experts in their niche, created the following content:

  • Reddit

Position in Google for the “Reddit IPO” keyword, and its frequency and competition

  • Coinbase

Position in Google for the “Coinbase IPO price” keyword, and its frequency and competition

  • What is liquidity in stocks?

Position in Google for the “What is liquidity in stocks” keyword, and its frequency and competition

  • Retail stocks

Position in Google for the “Retail stocks” keyword, and its frequency and competition

  • What is dividend income?

Position in Google for the “What is dividend income” keyword, and its frequency and competition

It is also worth mentioning the Livepage copywriters team, who actively participated in creating and optimizing the content.

We are constantly working on creating new content and optimizing the existing one for the project. All sections of the site are updated regularly. There are articles we edited several times before posting on the site because we considered the quality and usefulness of the content to be crucial. And this method works. Many different types of pages made it to the top of Google’s organic search thanks to this approach:

Positions of some website pages in Google organic search

 Position of the Roblox IPO page in Google organic search

We are constantly experimenting when working with a client. We even achieve things like this!

We managed to bring a page from the Knowledge Base section to the top, and it only has one question and a 3-sentence answer. The page is in 2nd place between Forbes & Yahoo Finance!

What’s better, Visa vs Mastercard stock?

Screenshot of page content

The frequency and competition are low, but the result is still awesome:

Frequency and level of competition for the “visa vs mastercard stock” keyword


Google organic search results for the “visa vs mastercard stock” keyword

Here is another example of a page from the Knowledge Base section in the 1st place of organic search. It managed to beat Quora and Investopedia in the results. Admittedly, the page has five sentences rather than three ?

What happens if your stock goes negative?

The frequency is also low, but it’s still nice to see that the experiment was a success!

Frequency and level of competition for the “What happens if your stock goes negative” keyword

Google organic search results for the “What happens if your stock goes negative” keyword

We have already formed plans to create new content until May 2023. We have an understanding of the topics and pages that we will create. The only thing left to do is to put this into practice!

What else did we do besides content?


We started working on the project from the very beginning when it was just a landing page. We used the Webflow platform as the CMS system. Therefore, during the first stage, it was important to create a correct and scalable site structure that would attract two types of our target audience and constantly expand entry points.

We immersed ourselves in the industry as much as possible and spent a lot of time researching the Nasdaq exchange. We analyzed the classification of companies on the stock exchange:

Some of the listed companies, their tickets, sectors, and industries

Based on the demand analysis, we created a category structure for the site that will include company pages in the future. We also compiled of a spreadsheet where everything was interconnected:

Screenshot of a file where we linked the exchange sectors and industries with the future categories of the site based on the demand in organic search results

During the research, we also found a huge number of different website entry points that we had to define for our target audience and understand whether this semantics is suitable:

Stock types:

Stock categorization + frequency


Names of funds and their tickets

Knowledge Base:

Screenshot from the research file for the Knowledge Base section

And many other interesting keywords for new sections of the site.

We conducted separate research for the blog and included the results in a separate document.

Thanks to the research and subsequent clustering of keywords and demand, we created the correct site structure, connected internal pages with links, and built the foundation for further scaling. 

Creating sections

In addition to the ongoing research, we allocated technical tasks for creating a website, blog, and other important site sections to avoid wasting precious time.

One of the problems we encountered is that it is impossible to customize the URL structure because the platform has its own logic for collection formatting, and we cannot achieve the desired level of nesting. This type of nesting doesn’t work:

  • Section — Categories — Pages,

It is impossible to create such a format. The only options are:

  • Section — Categories,
  • Section — Pages,
  • Categories — Pages.

This factor significantly restricted the connections between thematic sections, categories, and pages but allowed for a cleaner and less cluttered structure.

Technical optimization

We have chosen Webflow as the CMS. It was my first time working with this platform, and I have to mention two important points. Webflow is a great platform for building beautiful websites, but it’s not SEO-friendly.

For example, we had to implement basic things, such as breadcrumbs and their microdata markup on the site. Also, CMS has restrictions on creating pagination, and it was impossible to implement the classic one.

As I mentioned earlier, there are limitations to creating the desired level of page nesting, so I had to create a structure according to the platform requirements.

However, the biggest challenge was creating internal links and links between the site pages. Internal links were not taken into account during the Webflow development, so we had to create an interlinking structure from scratch. Almost every page of the site now has an interlinking block, and there is interlinking in the content. Initially, the project had problems with scanning, but by gradually introducing new linking blocks, we achieved strong internal links and improved the scanning of the site pages.

We consider technical optimization to be one of the key success factors when promoting any project. The site has to be technically ready for top positions and not be worse than competitors (maybe even better). 

Link building

Link Building is an integral part of any project promotion. In the case of Gainy, creating a link profile is even more important since the topic is highly competitive.

This is how competitors work with links. According to the Ahrefs analytics, here’s the average number of links it takes to rank in the top 10 for keywords in the given categories:

The average number of links included in the competitor pages that appear in the  top 10 for keywords in the specified category

And it’s not just about money because it takes time to post so many links. It is impossible to get so many inbound links within a couple of months.

Therefore, to avoid wasting huge budgets on creating a link profile and waiting while methodically posting X links every month, I decided to focus on the content until the search engine gives specific positions at the top 25 for keywords. And only then we start working on getting links.

Two types of links are used for promotion:

  • Sponsored anchor links on trust resources. They are used exclusively to bring pages with great content up to top 10-5-3-1.
  • Crowd marketing is used to increase brand mentions online. It is done to create “information overload,” so to speak, and to diversify the link profile.

This gave the following result:

Best bank stocks

SERPs for the “best bank stocks” keyword and the number of links to the Gainy page and those of competitors, where:

BL — the number of inbound external links to the page,

RD — the number of inbound external domains to the page.

Best industrial stocks

SERPs for the “best industrial stocks” keyword and the number of links to the Gainy page and those of competitors, where:

BL — the number of inbound external links to the page,

RD — the number of inbound external domains to the page.

Chime IPO

SERPs for the “Chime IPO” keyword and the number of links to the Gainy page and those of competitors, where:

BL — the number of inbound external links to the page,

RD — the number of inbound external domains to the page.


At the time of writing this case (12/20/2022), the project is actively growing and filled with content. We have confirmed plans until May 2023.

Ahrefs data:

Data about domain ranking, referring domains, number of keywords, and estimated traffic

The increase in the referring domains over the past year:

Traffic dynamics for the past year from GSC:

But conversions are the most important thing. For the website, the conversion is when someone downloads the app. And the project is also constantly growing in this aspect.

As of now, more than 100 new users download the application every month (I cannot provide a more accurate number of conversions due to the project restrictions).

Plans for 2023

Now we are conducting a new phase of the site structure expansion and writing content for the blog according to a new content plan (we always keep the target audience in mind). The plans are very ambitious, and the work never stops.

Next year, the site will have several landing pages aimed at beginner investors as the target audience.

We have plans to expand the section with calculators. Currently, there is one page, and we are testing its effectiveness. If the experiment is successful, then we will conduct additional research and create the whole section.

In addition, we have already developed the structure for a new section with funds (ETF). This section will include categorization and separate pages with funds.

In addition to our work, a new smart investment platform is being actively developed, which will complement the existing Gainy app.


It has been a year and a half of joint work between Livepage and the Gainy team. During this time, we created an interesting and dynamically developing project from scratch in a highly competitive industry.

It was important to understand the target audience from the very beginning and build a promotion strategy based on it. And that’s exactly what we did. Therefore, we have great results and big plans for 2023!

Although content creation is one of the key success factors, I want to once again commend the tremendous work of the entire team. All work on the project was carried out by professionals in their field, which is how we achieved the current results!

Do you want to achieve the same outcome? Leave a request on our website and the Livepage team will help you become the online market leader in your niche.

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