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SEO Case Study for a Garage Door Repair and Installation Company in the USA — STI Garage Door

Pavlenko Danil
Pavlenko Danil
July 27, 2023 | 19 min. reading

Many people have encountered or at least seen automatic garage doors. This solution is modern and very convenient compared to the classic manual options.

The main advantages of automatic garage doors include:

  • convenience
  • reliability
  • wide range of options
  • affordable maintenance
  • good thermal insulation

However, like any mechanism, automatic garage doors need regular maintenance and professional repair.

When choosing whom you can entrust with the installation or maintenance of garage doors, you will most likely be looking for qualified professionals with extensive experience nearby. That’s exactly what STI Garage Door offers.

STI Garage Door is a local company specializing in installing, repairing, and maintaining  automatic garage doors and openers in Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

The client contacted us to promote their local business to increase the number of conversions. Acquiring local traffic is crucial for such a business, as these users are more likely to convert into actual orders. Therefore, we developed an SEO strategy for a garage door repair company in the USA to attract relevant organic traffic, which increased the number of conversions.

Promotion strategy  

As mentioned earlier, it was crucial for the client to attract local customers within their service area. Therefore, it was important to understand how the main competitors attract organic traffic/customers to determine the strategy. After we analyzed the competitors’ strategies for garage door repair companies in the USA and the client’s website, we identified the main growth points that formed the website development strategy and later became the success factors. We chose the following components for further work: 

  • technical optimization
  • development of a new website structure
  • creation of new and further optimization of already published service pages
  • GMB development
  • link building 

Technical optimization

In addition to the visual of any website, proper attention should be paid to its technical part. It is responsible for the quality of the website’s operation to provide customers with a positive user experience. Moreover, such components can include visible elements.

Also, certain factors remain invisible to an ordinary user but significantly impact the website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Therefore, technical optimization is the foundation from which we recommend all our clients start to avoid technical issues that can affect the website promotion.

The client’s website was made on WordPress CMS, which allowed us to thoroughly work on the technical component and fix any errors negatively impacting SEO. Several factors prompted us to conduct technical optimization:

  • at the start of our work with the client, the website had a lot of “extra” pages that clogged the index and were not useful for users:
Example of existing “extra” pages in the Google index
  • website structure contained unoptimized and unnecessary pages:  
Example of unoptimized pages in the Google index
  • unoptimized meta tags (some pages were missing them)
Example of missing H1 meta tag on one of the pages

Therefore, to make further work effective, alongside competitor analysis, we conducted a technical audit of the website, providing recommendations on how to fix technical errors.

One more critical factor of SEO optimization for local businesses in the USA is optimizing the page loading speed, as it is one of the Google ranking factors, with particular emphasis on mobile versions. Mobile optimization became our priority since emergency garage door opening and maintenance are often searched on mobile devices.

Development of a new website structure

SEO for a local garage door repair company in the USA should also include creating a well-designed website structure, as commercial entry points to the website depend on it, and such traffic is the most converting. 

Our task was to conduct a detailed review of the website structure for optimization, expansion, or consolidation based on competitor analysis and the list of existing services.

At the beginning of the work, the website structure was already quite spacious and had many pages. However, some pages were very similar in purpose and were duplicates, which is a common mistake. 

Example of duplicating commercial pages in the website structure

As part of this task, we reviewed all the important landing pages for users and search engines. The correct system would allow us to get more targeted traffic and, as a result, increase meaningful actions and conversions through the website. 

Since location pages serve as the basis of organic traffic for any local business, we researched and analyzed the structures of the main competitors in the top search results by collecting the pages and including them in the structure of our client’s website. 

In the end, we got the following structure:

Creating new and optimizing already published service pages.

After finalizing the website structure scheme, we proceeded with its implementation. According to the plan, we removed some pages, keeping only the most relevant ones and those with the potential for SEO optimization.  

While working on existing pages’ SEO for a garage door repair company, we also created new service pages in line with the newly developed and agreed-upon website structure. The main focus was creating pages for each city where the company provides its services. For example:

Service page view for Maryland
Service page view for Virginia
Service page view for Annapolis, Maryland

This part of SEO for local garage door repair services is a must-have as the basis of traffic and lead generation. Clients and service seekers for such companies always look for solutions nearby, in the city where they reside. Even if a user does not search for a service in a particular location, Google will select the pages of companies that provide services in their city. All of this emphasizes the importance of creating such pages, which is why it was our priority.

Thus, by taking these steps, we have achieved a structure that covers the maximum number of commercial entry points to the website, which attracts the most conversion traffic.

Working with informational content

We collected direct commercial traffic to the service pages, i.e., those customers who already had a clear need for a particular service. However, we applied informational content to attract another group of leads who did not have specifics and an understanding of what they needed to solve their issue. We gathered all indirect demand for the blog.

After analyzing competitors, we understood the main issues and needs of potential service seekers. Therefore, the next step was to develop a detailed content plan in which we added the most relevant topics for our target audience. The content of our articles covered the complexity of certain works and the importance of attracting qualified professionals. 

As a result of the regular and stable publication of new articles, we have seen an increase in organic traffic driven mainly by them. Here are some examples:

Dynamics of organic traffic from July 23, 2023, to December 23, 2023, compared to the previous period.
  • +100% — Increase in the number of impressions in the search results
Dynamics of impressions from July 23, 2023, to December 23, 2023, compared to the previous period.
Dynamics of organic traffic from July 23, 2023, to December 23, 2023, compared to the previous period.
  • +120% — Increase in the number of impressions in the search results

GMB development

The next important component of SEO for a local garage door repair company is the Google My Business (GMB) profile. This is where customers can view the company’s ratings, user reviews, and other general information. However, simply having a profile is not enough. To make it beneficial from a conversion point of view, we optimized it and provided recommendations on managing it effectively to attract customers. As a result, the profile now has all the necessary information that customers can use to contact the company:

GMB profile view after optimization

Furthermore, thanks to regular reviews from real customers, the profile maintains an up-to-date rating and authentic feedback, which is crucial for attracting new customers:

Customer reviews at GMB

Link building

The primary focus in implementing link building as a part of SEO for local businesses in the USA was to boost the rankings of location-specific pages in search engine results. In competitive niches, an optimized page often achieves average positions, and higher rankings require dedicated effort. Outreach articles as a type of link-building became a tool in this struggle for us. We focused on them as we found this strategy particularly effective in competitive niches based on our earlier projects.

Thanks to the correct application and high-quality selection of websites for posting outreach articles, the dynamics of link building are uniform:

Dynamics of domains linking to the client’s website

Work results

  • +129,825 users of organic traffic via Google for the whole period of cooperation.
Organic traffic dynamics since 2019
  • +30,500 organic traffic over 5 months of regular and prompt implementation of our recommendations. This growth reaches +93% of the previous volume of organic traffic.
Organic traffic dynamics over 5 months compared to the previous period. 
  • +2,550,000 impressions in Google search results over 5 months due to the expansion of the structure and publication of new informational content.
Dynamics of page impressions in search results over 5 months compared to the previous period. 
  • +291 new and relevant keywords in the TOP-10 search results in the USA that we collected when creating and optimizing page.
Data on the growth of keywords in the TOP-10 SERP from July 25, 2022, to December 21, 2022.
  • developed a traffic-generating content plan for informational content
  • developed and implemented an expanded commercial structure of the website with important service pages
  • achieved a 96.6% share of organic traffic from the USA as the only priority country
Distribution of organic traffic by countries

Our next steps: further work strategy

We haven’t done with our work and continue optimizing SEO for this garage door repair company to achieve even greater results. Our next steps are as follows:

Blog development

Blog articles showed promising results and became the main source of organic traffic to the website. Therefore, we will continue to scale these metrics. To ensure further positive dynamics, we need to regularly publish new content to stay on the trend of relevant topics. Along with new articles, we will support the published ones by optimizing them.

Link building

Promoting priority and commercial pages higher at the TOP of search results remains our major task. As a part of our further SEO strategy for the garage door repair company, we plan to scale up our link-building efforts. The number of website pages keeps increasing, so to ensure the effective use of link building, we will increase its volume over time to cover all the necessary pages. 

Further GMB development

The relevance of the information in the GMB profile must be consistently maintained, since this directly affects the attraction of new customers. That’s why we will keep it up-to-date.

Brand development

It is also important to work on online brand recognition for businesses that provide offline local services. The popularity of the brand and brand query positively impact the website development and promotion as a whole. Therefore, we will use various tools, including link building.


Usually, companies that provide local offline services rely more on various types of advertising and customer recommendations. Thus, the potential of lead generation and customer acquisition via an optimized website is often underestimated. However, over years of experience, hypothesis testing, and achieving results, we have concluded that a properly arranged website can attract and capture the majority of customers. 

These results can be achieved through a comprehensive approach, including:

  • Well-designed and implemented commercial website structure that caters to a significant portion of local clients with specific service needs.
  • Relevant informational content that engages another segment of users who are in the decision-making or research phase.
  • Implementing a link-building strategy that helps promote pages for priority and high-frequency search queries, placing them in the top search results.

A meticulous and customized SEO promotion strategy, taking into account the unique aspects of each business, enables steady growth in organic traffic and conversions.

If your website is not generating organic traffic and you are not acquiring customers, we know how to fix that!

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