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UCtel SEO Promotion—Mobile Signal Boosting Company in the UK

Market: UK

We increased organic website traffic by +3,650%. We achieved top positions on high-frequency and priority service pages for the client.

UCtel is a British company headquartered in London. UCtel is an official and certified company which is engaged in the sale and installation of equipment that helps to strengthen the mobile signal.

Traffic growth
In 9 months, organic traffic has grown from 36 to 1,314 users per month.
By creating a comprehensive landing page structure and posting converting blog posts, we increased the number of conversions from 0 to 13 per month.
Increase in conversions per month
from 0 to 13

I like the complex approach that the Livepage team offers. Absolutely all team members work together; everyone is aware of what is happening on the project. We have one common goal – to increase our service sales, and the team is making every effort to achieve the goal as soon as possible.

Ivan Romanov  
Technical Director
Key success factors
Complete trust from the client
From the very beginning, the client completely trusted Livepage in everything: from developing the website structure and page design to writing content and working with a link profile.
Creating different entry points to the website
When developing the website structure, we created different entry points to the website using both commercial and informational keywords.
The highest quality and useful content
The main emphasis was placed on creating quality content in combination with its proper SEO optimization. This allowed them to take a leading position in organic search.
UCtel SEO Promotion—Mobile Signal Boosting Company in the UK

Every business needs new customers. This allows the company to grow and develop, as well as improve the quality and speed of its services. UCtel, who contacted us in October 2021, did not receive new customers through the website. The company’s website contained three landing pages, several unoptimized blog articles, and many technical errors.

Livepage’s team faced the task of making a new website that would have the correct structure, modern design with the necessary converting elements and technical optimization.

For eight months of promotion (since November 2021), organic traffic has grown from 36 to 1,314 users per month, i.e., +3,650%:

Data from GSC on traffic growth as of 14.07.2022 (for the UK)

Traffic began to grow actively in March 2022, when a new website was launched, the blog was optimized, and new service pages began to appear:

Dynamics of organic traffic growth from GSC as of 14.07.2022 (for the UK)

For nine months, of which four were dedicated to the development and design of the website, the main sections, and service pages, we increased the number of conversions on the website by 1,300%.

In terms of conversions, it is worth noting that there were more of them. However, some orders had to be rejected because the client works exclusively with organizations and enterprises (UCtel does not provide services to individuals). The above growth in conversions is given only for B2B & B2C businesses, including enterprises from the medical, energy, construction, and other industries.

It is also important to emphasize that at the moment, the entire developed structure has not yet been fully implemented on the client’s website, and the process of filling the website continues. New landing pages are added regularly and the blog is actively optimized and filled.

Data on the number of keywords in the TOP 10 Google organic search as of 14.07.2022


UCtel is a British company headquartered in London. UCtel is an official and certified company in the UK for installing Cel-Fi equipment.

The client offers comprehensive solutions for unified communications and contact centers. The company is implementing solutions to increase the mobile signal inside buildings and remote areas with poor mobile coverage. In addition, UCtel has formidable expertise in building secure private LTE and 5G networks in partnership with Nokia.

Start of work

The client contacted us in October 2021 (work was going to start from November 2021) with an existing website that had three landing pages and a few blog articles written without any optimization. Organic traffic was 29 users per month.

The Livepage team decided to offer an integrated approach to promoting the client’s business online, specifically, to use a combination of marketing work with SEO optimization. They also decided to update the website, make a new design from scratch, and, at the same time, technically prepare it for promotion.

The work on design, technical optimization, development of marketing activities, SEO optimization, and writing the first content pieces took four months. After the release, the website pages began to grow immediately in organic search and attract new customers.

Promotion strategies

Here, we have to emphasize that it is necessary to focus on the fact that the client completely trusted the Livepage team. Naturally, all work was approved by the client and there was a mutual understanding of our plans and directions. But from the very beginning, the client said he put all the work on the website into our hands and believed he would get the result. And so it happened!

Structure and content

At the stage of planning and preparing the website for promotion, after studying the market and competitors, the marketing and SEO departments jointly decided to implement a comprehensive structure of commercial landing pages and blog content. We have displayed all the main entry points to the website using commercial keywords in the structure. Pages were developed, linked both to a cluster of keywords by mobile operators and network type:

In addition, we created separate landing pages that displayed all the main business services. At the same time, we developed a content plan aimed at our target audience, according to which we write blog articles.

So the first most essential element in the promotion strategy was the work on creating high-quality content, which turned out to be a completely justified decision. We brought articles and landing page content to the perfect combination of usefulness for the user, marketing appeal, and SEO optimization.

Case Studies pages

The second important aspect of the promotion strategy was working with company cases. These pages are especially active in making a potential client’s decision about cooperation and ordering a service. Cases were placed in a separate section and displayed in the main menu. Case pages have received the same structure and are made in a single standard:

Link Building

The third main component of the project promotion strategy was building a link profile of the company. We chose the following link-building methods:

  • crowd marketing,
  • directories,
  • sponsorship placements.

The main goal of crowd marketing at the initial stage was to increase the speed of crawling and website page indexing. A secondary goal was to “dilute” the anchor links and create a more natural link profile.

The task of links from directories is to increase the trust of the website’s main page. We used this method to boost the main page, which will transfer the “weight” to all the website’s internal pages.

The most effective way is to work with sponsored links, but this type of links is also the most expensive. On average, placing one link on a website of good quality costs $150–$250. Therefore, Livepage’s SEO specialists use this type of links competently and carefully, achieving maximum efficiency from its placement. This is how we work on pages with the help of sponsored links to achieve top results (work on the page continues):

How did we work with new content?

Blog content

As mentioned above, painstaking work was carried out on creating content with many improvements until the article was as useful as possible for users and adequately SEO optimized.

Here is an example—the article Mobile Signal Booster Reviews for the UK in 2022, which ranked in the TOP 10 in organic search:

Position data in Google organic search as of 14.07.2022

The article has a small but steady stream of conversions every month.

These results were achieved due to the following factors:

  • technically optimized website + implementation of micro-markup,
  • the presence of linking blocks and conversion elements on the page,
  • deep study of the topic, content, and structure of the article,
  • SEO optimized content and metadata.

This is what this article looks like in the organic search:

Another one of these articles, 4G vs LTE: Understanding the Difference Between 4G and LTE, brought 5,811 users to the website in just 28 days (from all countries):

The article ranks NUMBER 1 for all keywords related to the subject of the article:

And it is trending.

As with the previous article, we achieved these results thanks to a deep study of the topic and the article itself. No links were posted for this article.

First, to achieve such results, you need to have a technically optimized “Blog” section. We did this at the very beginning, before the release of the website. This allowed us to structure the content on the page and create an attractive snippet:

We tried to place content that corresponded only to the subject of the article. We gave the user the maximum amount of useful information on the topic of interest for them in advance. Furthermore, we divided this text into logical blocks, with subheadings describing the essence of each block. We worked on the FAQ block, making it compact and containing additional questions and answers for the article’s topic.

Landing pages

We also gave great attention to the landing pages. Initially, we assembled the semantic core and worked out the page structure. The FAQ block was worked out, questions of interest to the target audience were compiled, and exhaustive answers were given to these questions. This made it possible for the copywriter to evenly distribute the optimized content across the entire page.

We got the following results:

O2 Mobile Signal Boost Services

Vodafone Signal Boosting Services

How did we work with existing content?

There were several articles on the old website at the beginning of working with the project. They were written without any SEO optimization.

We analyzed all the existing blog articles for additional content optimization, selected potentially interesting ones for attracting targeted traffic, drew up a re-optimization plan, and got to work.

Each article was painstakingly worked on to get the best possible results:

Position data of the blog article How to Improve a Mobile Network Signal after SEO re-optimization.

The re-optimization process is still ongoing, and we plan to optimize all potentially important blog articles.


While working on the project, traffic growth came up to +3,650%. The number of conversions increased by 1,300%.

The project is very actively growing and developing. Data on the improvement of positions for the past month (from 13.06.2022 to 15.07.2022):

The growth dynamic on all pages is positive. This indicates the initially correctly chosen promotion strategy.


We are actively working to improve the positions of both the landing pages of the website and blog content. The number of new entry points to the website constantly increases by writing new blog articles and implementing the planned website structure. At the same time, we are actively building a high-quality link profile using the most effective white hat promotion methods.

One of the key factors for this project’s success is the client’s complete trust and his great desire to become the leader of the UK online market.

Do you want the same results? Leave a request on our website and the Livepage team will help you become the online market leader in your business.

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