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SEO promotion of the British company The Hoxton Mix — provision of virtual offices and coworking services

Pavlenko Danil
Pavlenko Danil
March 31, 2023 | 19 min. reading

Over time, many elements of work processes and traditions are transformed to meet the needs of modern times and trends. This is exactly how the format of virtual offices was developed. People got more and more opportunities to work in any place convenient for them: a coffee shop, a park, or just at home. The remote work trend skyrocketed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when people were forced to stay at home while continuing to work. 

What exactly are virtual offices? The answer is simple — it is a service that allows any team in any company to work in a remote format. This format makes it possible to create a team of employees from different countries and, therefore, increase the chances of finding specialists. Also, when you scale a team, you don’t need to search for a new space, so you avoid additional expenses. Therefore, this format is more efficient from an economic standpoint, which makes it equally interesting both for startups and established companies.

The virtual office has the following:

  • mailing address;
  • address for legal purposes (for example, for company registration);
  • meeting rooms (usually rented by the hour);
  • phone line.

Therefore, this office type does not differ from a regular office in its functions, but it does not exist physically.

Now that we have discussed what virtual offices are, we can introduce you to the company.

The Hoxton Mix is a London-based company that specializes in providing virtual office services for small and medium-sized businesses. It has been on the market for over 11 years and has a wide range of virtual office service packages.

The additional services include:

  • telephony services;
  • postal services;
  • rent of work rooms.

Thanks to its extensive experience, The Hoxton Mix provides a high-quality service to its customers, which sets the company apart from the competition.

The company was looking for services of SEO for B2B business in the UK and turned to Livepage with the following goals:

  • bring priority keywords to the TOP-3 of SERP;
  • increase site traffic and the number of conversions.

As a result of active work, the site received a stable increase in organic traffic. Thus, the number of users has increased from 18,700 to 35,500 in the last 6 months, which is +16,800.

Organic traffic dynamics according to GSC on 13/02/2023 (only in the UK)

+1,317 — this is the growth of keywords in the TOP-10 that we achieved during the entire period of working on the site, which began in November 2021. It is important to note that most of these requests belong to blog articles.

Data on the keyword growth in the TOP-10 of SERP on 13/02/2023

Start of work

The client contacted Livepage in November 2021. At that time, the site had a fairly extensive structure of commercial pages, consisting of the company’s main services and a list of service packages (a separate page for each package). As for the blog, it also contained a large number of articles.

At the beginning of the work, the site’s organic traffic averaged 1,680 users per month. Within the first 3 months of optimizing SEO for a virtual office service company, we managed to increase this metric to 8,368 users per month:

Organic traffic growth according to GA for the period from 16/01/2022 to 12/02/2022

To improve the optimization of priority commercial pages and raise their positions, we started by actively working on them. However, the client could not fully implement the technical tasks since the site was developed on a platform with limited functionality. Therefore, we could only refine the metadata and content of the existing pages.

At this stage, it became obvious that informational content would become the main tool for promoting the site. 

Promotion strategy and its implementation

The narrow focus of the business required full immersion in the subject to understand the target audience of potential customers to perform effective SEO optimization for a virtual office service company. While studying the site and its content, we discovered that most  blog articles competed with each other, which had an extremely negative effect on the development of the entire site.

After analyzing the subject and the current state of the site, the Livepage team compiled the following list of necessary works:

  • full analysis of the informational content of the site;
  • elimination of competition between blog articles;
  • creation of a content plan that will be aimed at high conversion by attracting the target audience;
  • building an SEO strategy for virtual offices for promoting pages using link building;
  • optimization of the existing Google My Business (GMB) profile.

Analysis of the site’s informational content

At the start of our work, the site already had 200+ blog articles. We found it odd that with so much content, the ranking and organic traffic are quite low. To determine the cause of the problem, we began to analyze the blog in detail by dividing the articles into clusters. As a result, we found significant competition (cannibalization) between articles.

We discovered that there were 5–7 articles per cluster. The low quality of the content also had a negative impact, as the articles often did not cover the topics or even correspond to them. As a result, the articles ranked very low in search results and did not bring organic traffic.

To successfully implement the future content plan, it was necessary to improve the quality of articles by optimizing them and eliminate competition between articles of the same cluster.

Elimination of competition between articles

After we discovered the reason for the low ranking of the site, we started fixing it. The task was to read each article to determine its target audience. Afterward, we were able to group the competing articles by topic. The next step was to compile 5-7 duplicate articles into a single full-fledged one.

Thus, we determined a list of articles that had to be removed. To avoid a negative impact on the ranking positions and the amount of traffic due to the content changes and removal of a large number of pages, we set up a 301 redirect from all deleted duplicate articles to the corresponding main one that we left.

After we eliminated the competition between duplicate articles, the site received a rapid increase in organic traffic:

Organic traffic dynamics according to GSC on 13/02/2023 (blog only)

Creating a content plan

As mentioned earlier, informational content has become one of the main tools for promoting the site. Along with eliminating duplicate pages, we began to create a content plan to publish  new articles.

The latest topics had to meet the demands of our target audience to maximize the conversion rate of the new content. And it worked! At the moment, articles regularly bring conversions!

Top-5 high-converting articles as of 12/02/2023

Thanks to a detailed content plan, we managed to improve the site’s semantic core by adding new entry points and increasing the number of conversions. Our main emphasis during our SEO optimization for a virtual office was on the usefulness of the content so that it answered the topic’s questions. This approach, combined with the focus on the target audience as a result of its high-quality research, makes the blog section highly effective. Now, there is a stable increase in organic traffic and conversions.

Currently, we continue regular work on publishing new blog articles. To ensure that the articles’ topics are always relevant, we update the content plan every 2 months by adding new topics. The reason for this approach is a rather narrow specialization and target audience, which is interested in topics that are always dynamic and changing.

Over the past month, the blog’s organic traffic growth was +2,450 users!

Organic traffic dynamics in the last 28 days compared to the previous period (blog only)

Link building strategy

Along with other works, we started our process by analyzing the existing link profile of the site. Once we ensured that the existing profile consisted exclusively of high-quality links, we focused on its expansion. The main concept and strategy of our link building were to push pages to the TOP-10 of search results. To achieve this, we chose outreach as the main type of work. 

Combining this approach and solving specific issues with detailed development of the content from the TOP ranks, which made it there thanks to its quality, allowed the website to occupy high positions in the TOP-10 quickly and keep them here.

As we started our link-building work (in October 2021), the number of referring domains has increased significantly and continues to grow:

Dynamics of referring domains for the entire period
Dynamics of referring domains over the last year

Optimization of the Google My Business (GMB) profile

Considering that the priority regarding the company’s target audience is local requests from the United Kingdom, we selected Google My Business as a separate focus of the development strategy. We managed to occupy the first place in local requests by performing a series of technical optimization tasks for the profile:

Local organic SERP in Google Maps for the “virtual office” request on 04/10/2022

To achieve this result, the Livepage team tested a large number of methods and approaches, which made it possible to form a unique list of effective influence strategies  (even strategies for virtual offices in the UK). Therefore, if you need to optimize your GMB account, we will be happy to help you!

We have discovered a shift in the ranking algorithms for the local SERP, which caused a slight drop and a change in the SERP title. Google services are regularly updated, so we have to perform additional virtual office optimization for local SEO shortly.

Work results

During our work, we achieved the following results:

  • +16,800 in organic traffic over 6 months of active implementations, which reaches +90% to the previous metric
Organic traffic dynamics over the last 6 months compared to the previous period
  • increase in monthly conversions by 172.15% for the entire period of work, thanks to writing a content plan and taking an effective approach to creating new content on the site!
Conversion growth dynamics over the past 12 months compared to the previous period
  • +1,317 new and relevant keywords in the TOP-10 of the organic Google search, which we track every month, have appeared during the entire work period!
Data on the growth of keywords in the TOP-10 of SERP on 13/02/2023
  • TOP-1 positions for the most important business keywords in the main location!
Positions of priority keywords as of 13/02/2023
  • performed a full analysis of the current content with its further optimization;
  • fixed the problem with several blog articles competing for the same search position;
  • developed and implemented a new link-building strategy, which has already helped achieve the previously mentioned results;
  • achieved organic traffic of 84.5% (of the total) exclusively from the United Kingdom, which is the main location for promotion!
Distribution of organic traffic by countries

Our next steps: further work strategy

Based on the already implemented promotion strategy and analysis of its results, we have the following plans for the future:

1. Moving the site to WP

As mentioned earlier, the site’s platform significantly limits the possibility of implementing page optimization and correcting technical errors. Improving the technical side of the site, such as speeding up the loading time of pages, is very important for ranking in search results, and for a positive user experience.

For this reason, we currently work on moving the site to the WordPress platform. This will make it possible to fix any technical errors quickly and fully optimize the content on the pages.

2. Expansion of the site structure

As a result of moving the site, we will have the opportunity to fully optimize service pages and work on improving their conversion rates. After conducting new SEO research, we plan to expand the structure and increase the number of commercial pages on the site.

3. Work on the GMB account optimization

Everyone knows that the majority of Google’s ranking algorithms are regularly changed and updated, and GMB is not an exception. Therefore, to maintain and improve the obtained results, we will continue to work on optimizing the account in the future.

4. Regular publication of new informational content

As for our future work, we will increase the number of new blog articles to at least 5 per month, thereby creating new entry points to the site.

5. Optimization of existing content

Content relevance is one of the most important factors for high-quality and effective website promotion. For this reason, we continue to actively optimize existing content by increasing its quality and keeping it relevant.

6. Link building

We will increase the number of links using current methods and will implement additional link-building strategies, such as crowd marketing, by placing links on trusted forums.


Various businesses, which have been performing content marketing independently for years without involving SEO specialists, regularly contact the Livepage team. Some believe that SEO for virtual offices does not work. In contrast, others see how competitors use SEO strategy for a virtual office company for high-quality lead generation and try to find the key to success.

Most often, the main reason for the lack of the desired result is the incorrect distribution of the semantic core between pages, which creates internal competition between requests (cannibalization) and makes it impossible for pages to reach the TOP. Our work on such projects begins with:

  • creating the right semantic core;
  • correct distribution of a semantic core by pages;
  • identifying and combining low-quality pages from the SEO standpoint into full-fledged and detailed articles that meet the audience’s request and the search engine requirements;
  • creating customer journey funnels and content for “gaps” in the current system.

As long as SEO strategy for a virtual office site and general recommendations are actively implemented, the advantage of this approach is that you can get fairly quick and noticeable results without large budgets to create content from scratch (after all, we save your previous work as much as possible).

Do you have a lot of content that doesn’t bring the desired outcomes? Do you want us to develop unique strategies for your virtual office? Leave a request on our website, and the Livepage team will help your business become the online market leader.

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