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PPC Services for an Appliance Repair Contractor

Mikhail Shcherbachev
Mikhail Shcherbachev 
June 10, 2020 | 10 min. reading

Owners of a local appliance repair business in the US often face the problem of underloaded maintenance specialists. Very often, they have to go to the remote region to fulfill an order. Our client also faced this problem.

Our team created a digital marketing strategy that helped generate additional orders and keep the repairers’ workload in the Orlando region at the right level. We have been working on the project since 2018.

About the Business

Communication with the client and in-depth analysis of competitors helped our team understand the specific nature of a local appliance repair business in the United States.

The company’s founder told us how repairers work and what regions they serve. The client works in Orlando, where the head office is, and in neighboring cities as well.

Based on the analysis, we identified the primary business specifics that affect paid media strategy:

  • High competition. The niche of home appliances repair services is very competitive, and a cost per click is high. The diagram below shows a large number of competitors in the niche. Most of them are struggling for the top of Google’s search results, which leads to higher costs per click.
Paid Media for US Local Business
Auction Insights Report in Google Ads
  • As a rule, people don’t expect their home equipment to break down. Customers won’t wait a few days for the repairer to come, especially in case of broken refrigerators and stoves.

Read further to learn how a paid media strategy has been helping the client to receive more orders with a limited advertising budget for two years.

Paid Strategy for Orlando Appliance Repair Business

Creating Google Ads account according to the client’s need

The founder of the company told our team about the internal processes of the company. There are times when a repairer goes to Lakeland, FL, but gets workload only for half a day.

It’s important to note that Lakeland is 56 miles (90 km) from Orlando. It is not reasonable to spend gas and time on the trip when the technician is underloaded. That’s why we have developed the following strategy: a manager analyzes the repairer’s workload and turns the Google Ads campaigns on in the regions where the repairer travels. In such a way, the repairer gets a full workload.

This allows reducing the total costs of gas and other business expense. At the same time, managers pause Google Ads campaigns in the regions where it’s economically unprofitable to go to.

We created Google Ads campaigns by region and city based on the specifics of the business and customer needs.

The structuring of the Google Ads account allowed saving advertising budget in the cities with enough orders from organic search and receiving additional orders for the unloaded regions.

Making the cost per click lower and increasing the business profit

One of the problems local service businesses face is a very high cost per click.

In the niche of appliance repair, the cost per click reaches $55.

PPC for US Local Business
Google Ads data

Spending such an amount of money was not reasonable for our client.

Therefore, the Livepage team created a marketing strategy that continues to generate leads. Thanks to this strategy, the client was able to flexibly manage the schedule of his technicians and get clicks at the rate of $5, which is 10 times cheaper than before.

CPC reduction for appliance repair business
CPC got reduced by 10 times

Getting leads at a convenient time

Together with the client, we set the main KPIs, which we can achieve with the help of paid media. Thanks to this, we created an ad schedule.

Having analyzed Google Analytics data and feedback from the client, we determined the time when the company received the majority of orders.

Therefore, we increased the bids in the morning, and the client began to win Google Ads auction from competitors, which led to an increase in the number of calls. It also helped managers to plan repairers’ daily workload.

Google Ads for us appliance repair business
Increased bid adjustments

Standing out from the competition

During our collaboration with the client, Google made some changes to the Google Ads: new ad types (e.g. adaptive remarketing), headlines, and additional fields appeared in expanded text ads.

It is crucial to quickly track these changes not to miss out on new features, and adjust your campaigns in Google Ads. After all, this affects the Google Ads optimization score and helps to stand out among competitors.

In ads, we highlighted all the advantages of working with our client.

The client provides quality appliance repair services with a guarantee for their work.

ppc for appliance repair business
Sample ad
paid media for appliance repair company
Sample ad

Thanks to well-designed ads, the company stands out among other companies and receives more clicks from potential customers.

Dynamic Search Ads

In standard search network campaigns, we found out all the search queries that generate conversions.

However, some keywords on Google Ads get a ‘low search volume’ status and don’t appear in the search network. But people are looking for information on such searches.

Therefore, to satisfy the needs of the target audience and get more sales, we launched dynamic search ads.

We launched dynamic search ads to increase traffic and conversion for low-frequency queries due to the high-quality information on the landing pages.

This allowed us to get additional traffic and leads through the ads that Google Ads generates automatically based on the content of the site:

Lead generation for Appliance Repair Business
Paid Media for Appliance Repair Business

Using dynamic ads, we have increased the number of leads by 28%.


The following step was remarketing. Working with the service business, it is necessary to analyze the speed of decision making firstly. The urgency of the service affects the number of days when a potential customer can still order repairs.

The analysis of the number of days before conversion showed that 80% of users convert on the first day, the remaining 20% visit the site within a few days, choosing a contractor.

As a result, we launched a remarketing campaign that runs 5 days.

remarketing for us repair business
Google Ads conversions

We set up conversion tracking to track the people who saw our remarketing ad and then ordered the service from a different source (for example, through the site).

The remarketing campaign passed the tests, so we run it permanently.

conversion increase fro us local business
Google Ads conversions

Thanks to the remarketing campaign, people who haven’t left a request for services and are still looking at competitors’ services, remember our client’s company. After that, it’s easy to convert them from a website visitor into a client.

Call tracking

With PPC for a service business, it is necessary to take into account that most clients call instead of leaving a request on the website. Therefore, it is necessary to track calls to understand the effectiveness of advertising.

To track calls, we started using the free Google call tracking, which works in the United States.

Google Ads call report for us local business
Google Ads call report

It helped us see that calls make up 42% of all conversions from Google Ads.


Our team helped the client solve a critical business problem – get a full workload for technicians. We have created an effective PPC campaign, even on a limited budget.

As a result, the client has been receiving more than 35 leads monthly for 2 years, not spending much money.

If you are interested in a PPC strategy for a local appliance repair business, our team is ready to help you get more sales.

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  2. “PPC” is key for online business success. It gives extreme levels of control that works because businesses can boost ad spend for areas/demographics/queries that work, & reduce ad spend in areas that don’t work – meaning that the importance of PPC is in its ability to squeeze every penny of budget for better return-on-ad.

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