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Email Marketing for E-Commerce Build genuine relationships with your customers

Email is the primary channel for customer retention in E-Commerce. Its share of contribution to a company’s growth across all revenue generating channels can reach up to 30%. It normally pays off four times faster compared to other marketing channels.
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Repeat purchases are the most integral ingredients for the healthy growth of an E-Commerce business. The key to loyalty lies in a brand being able to reliably provoke interest and positive emotions while understanding when exactly customers are most in need of the brand. Following this idea, we ground our work in:

  • emotional and creative content;
  • personalization and automation.

We will help your business retain clients by using email-sms-push communication channels as well as shape unique approach that fits your Customer.

Our peerless approach to Email Marketing
Growing revenue
We provide a real and tangible influence on short and long term results using Email Marketing. Our main goal is maximizing Lifetime Value for each and every client you have. We use a Design Thinking approach to create content that will drive desirable emotions that encourage your customers to take needed actions.
Differentiating your brand
By studying your competitors and differentiating your business we can find and boost your strengths to deliver your message, mission, and services offered loud and clear.
Making customers fall in love
We create newsletters that users can’t help but read. Even die-hard skeptics become loyal fans, and would never think to hit the unsubscribe button. Our letters are always anticipated and spoken of as an incredible experience. For that to happen, we study your audience inside and out so we can better understand what motivates them and what emotions influence their thinking.
Developing an ecosystem of direct communications
Always be there for your clients. We can work through different channels within one strategy, including email, SMS, push, Viber.
Making quantum leaps
We are on a constant search for new creative ideas and tech solutions, conducting experiments and scaling practices that will bring the most profit to you.
Tackling tasks in a comprehensive way
Get the full effect of email marketing services for E-Commerce — from developing your brand’s communication strategy, copywriting, design, and letter layout to automation setup.
Carefully building an email list and retaining customers
We collect new leads on your website and landing pages, convert them into paying clients and pay attention to your email subscribers’ activity to make sure they don’t burn out.
Automating and personalizing your newsletter
We use unique and effective automation tactics: cart and page abandonment, cross-selling, upselling, reactivation letters, welcome-series, personalized surveys, special triggers for your business niche.

Our team has broad experience in providing effective Email Marketing services for E-Commerce selling:

  • Gifts and souvenirs
  • Toys and kids’ products
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Sports products
  • Household goods
  • Flower delivery
  • Beauty products
Examples of ready-made emails
Hello balck friday
International Driving Authority
Hairstyles content email
mothers day

We don’t create brands. We make them talk with their audiences via email, SMS, Viber, Web-push.

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