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Livepage stands with Ukraine against the Russian invasion

Stand with Ukraine

We are Ukrainians and proud of that. On February 24th, Russian Federation launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign and independent country, and continues to attack peaceful cities and Ukrainians on the whole territory.

There are a few statements we want to make in this regard:

Russia is an aggressor. We condemn this unprecedented act of war and accumulate all our powers to help the Ukrainian army defend our country. We donate to the Ukrainian army, volunteer, and use our professional tools to share the truth with the world.

We ensure the safety of our team. This is our priority. For now, all our teammates and their families are relatively safe.

We at Livepage continue to provide our services. We do our best in terms of all our commitments to our clients. Still, we redistribute our resources to support our country in the information war.

🌻 About Livepage foundation work

The war in our country shocked every Ukrainian and affected businesses of all sizes. Currently, many people and enterprises, including our company, have refused to cooperate with russian companies and those who support russian crimes in Ukraine. Our goal is to help Ukraine win this war as soon as possible.

As our company is located in Dnipro and borders the regions where active war fighting is taking place, we receive a lot of requests for assistance from the military. We decided to systematize volunteer activities. The volunteer team is led by our PM Team Lead Valeriia Vyshnevska. Also, our Ihor Rozumniuk from the HR department is actively engaged in looking for, buying, and delivering various items.

Examples of needs we cover:

  • cars for the front lines;
  • thermal imagers;
  • bulletproof vests and things for our friends on the front lines;
  • systematic equipping of the Dnipro battalion with walkie-talkies;
  • quadcopters;
  • mini-SPS (solar power station) charging stations;
  • vests for our sailors.

We have many requests in the queue and new ones are being added constantly. Some requests require large sums to be raised, such as for drones, some of which may cost around 250,000 UAH (~$7,000). Yes, the price is very high, but these models will be reliable assistants, equipped with powerful cameras and thermal imagers. Or another example is cars that may cost thousands of dollars, depending on the model. Cars are essential for delivering the military to the place and delivering food, medicine, and necessary things to the front line.

There are many requests, but to satisfy them all we need a lot of donations. We want to cover the needs of all defenders who come to us. And we can do it because we already have a system for finding the necessary things and equipment; we deliver everything quickly and make photo reports. The question that remains is raising money.

💳 How to donate

We are asking our friends, clients, and partners to join in raising funds for the needs of the military. Together we can bring victory closer!

You can send funds in a way convenient for you:


UAH 4441 1144 5136 3129 (Monobank)

UAH 4731 2196 4695 8631 (PrivatBank)

USD 4441 1144 8066 4786

EUR 4441 1144 9059 0609

Bank link


✔️ Our Priorities

  • Military needs of those who are on or near the line of fire;
  • Help for the needs of a battalion or troop;
  • Purchase of mass or large units of equipment (drones, thermal imagers, vests);
  • Purchase of items we can deliver quickly (no more than 2-3 weeks).

✔️ Our Principles

  • Cooperation with familiar people and hubs;
  • Prompt reaction and response regarding opportunities to help;
  • Providing reports, checks, official inquiries from battalions, and photos of received assistance.

🔁 Our report [updated regulary]

Vests for sailors

We received a request from our friend and former employee Pavlo Khazov to buy vests for sailors of one of the military units. In addition, we got an official letter from the acting commander of the military unit with a request to provide the military unit with new life jackets.

Six days passed from when the request was created until the sailors received the vests.

Cost: 114,000 UAH (~$3,200)

The sailors we sent vests to

Сar for military needs in the east of Ukraine

Our designer’s father is currently fighting in the east of Ukraine, where fierce battles are taking place. The military unit needed a car to transport medicines and food to the front line. We helped quickly to buy a car—a 2007 Mazda 6.

Seven days passed from the moment of creating the request to the purchase of the car.

Cost: $3,800

The father of our designer and his friend, to whom we delivered the car

Thermal imager for a Territorial Defense unit

We received an official request from one of the Territorial Defense battalions with a request to purchase a thermal imager with a viewing range of 1,900 m. Valeriia Vyshnevska’s husband serves in this battalion, while she is the head of the volunteer activities of Livepage.

It took three days from receiving the request to transfer the thermal imager to the soldiers.

Cost: UAH 88,750 (~$2,500)

The Guide thermal imager
Fighters to whom we sent a thermal imager

Walkie-talkies for defenders in the east

We received a request for walkie-talkies from defenders currently on the border with the Donetsk region. A friend of Valeriia Vyshnevska asked for help with the purchase of walkie-talkies.

Walkie-talkies are something that the military always need, they are in high demand, but they are not so easy to get. Few walkie-talkies are currently sold in Ukraine, and the available ones are expensive. Therefore, they have to be ordered from abroad. According to this request, they were ordered from Poland and came to Dnipro in 3 weeks.

Total cost: 78,330 UAH (~$2,200)

Motorola walkie-talkies, which we received from Poland
The defenders received walkie-talkies, as well as a Dji mavic mini 2 drone. This drone was a present to our CEO & Founder Mykhailo Shcherbachov from his wife for the New Year. Mykhailo donated his drone to the military.

Drone Dji mavic mini 2

We received a request for a drone for the acquaintances of our colleague Ihor Rozumniuk, who is actively involved in volunteering at Livepage.

We received a broken drone and took it in for repair the same day. The next day we were told that it could not be repaired, so we scrapped it for spare parts. We bought a new drone the same day. In the end, in 3 days, we bought a new drone and delivered it to the guys.

Cost: UAH 23,335 (~$650)

The drone we were trying to fix
The drone we bought for the defenders
The drone is already in operation in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Mini-SPS charging station

A request for the purchase of a mini-SPS charging station was received from a military man who is our project manager’s uncle. This charging station was needed by defenders on the border with the Donetsk region.

It took ten days from creating the request to handing the equipment to the military. The delivery took longer than we expected, but we managed to hand over the charging station before the fighters were redeployed to hot spots where there was almost no communication with them.

Cost: 11,455 UAH (~320$)

The defenders we sent the charging station to

Things for the military

A request to purchase the necessary items came from a friend of our SEO specialist. The military man, who contacted us, first served in Dnipro Guard, and now serves in one of the battalions, where he became the deputy commander. We independently searched for and bought various things: caps, sneakers, uniforms, officer T-shirts, tactical shirts, belt and shoulder systems, officer polos, belt plates for cartridge clips, first aid kits, tactical pants, elbow pads, and backpacks.

It took us two weeks to find, buy, and deliver all the items. The process was quite long because we bought different units from different stores in the city. Also, it was our first time, so we paid great attention to their quality.

Cost: 38,980 UAH (~$1,100)

The military, to whom we handed over things, together with Valeriia Vyshnevska

A bulletproof vest and things for the military man

This request came from our client Nikita Ivanov—CEO of the Elektrovoz online store. It was necessary to buy things for his close relative, who is currently defending Ukraine. We searched for things and eventually bought a bulletproof vest, a helmet, and a load belt.

It took four days from the moment of purchase to receipt.

Cost: UAH 23,660 (~$660)

The military man who received our package of things

Things for the battalion in the east

Our CEO & Founder Mykhailo Shcherbachov passed on a request from his friend to the team. It was necessary to provide things for the battalion in which her husband serves in the east. We started looking for and buying the necessary things, such as: walkie-talkies, first-aid kits, hydrators, and navigators.

Our colleague—the project manager, Kateryna Volovych, helped us with the first-aid kits. Together with her mother, she organized the supply of individual first-aid kits (IFAKs) from Poland. In Dnipro, they add everything necessary to them according to the pre-medical care protocol and receive positive feedback from the doctors of Dnipro.

The entire preparation of things and their delivery took ten days.

Cost: 54,100 UAH (~$1,500)

Collection of military first-aid kits—photo by Kateryna Volovych
Collected things, ready to be sent to the military
Fighters from the east who received the necessary things

Medical equipment for defenders

We received a request for medical equipment for a battalion from a friend of our SEO specialist, a deputy commander. It was necessary to provide the battalion with tourniquets, bandages, and chest seals which are used for deep puncture wounds to the chest, neck, and abdomen.

Our volunteer team manages to carry out the buying and delivery of all requests regardless of the cost or the number of items. So we look for and buy different things which protect our soldiers and give them an advantage over the russian troops. 

Cost: 6000 UAH (~$150)

A night vision rifle scope

We received a request from our CEO Mykhailo Shcherbachov’s friend. She asked to provide a battalion of international special forces with a night vision rifle scope. Soldiers in the battalion needed to have a specific model with a laser rangefinder.

Two days passed from when the request was created until we transferred the night vision rifle scope to the soldiers.

Cost: 29 400 UAH (~$790)

A soldier who has received the Night Vision Rifle Scope

Walkie-talkies for defenders in the Donbas

We got another request for 2 walkie-talkies from defenders on the border with the Donetsk region. Husband of our PM Valeriia Vyshnevska serves in the battalion which needed the portable radios. Defenders had found the radios by themselves because they needed a certain model, then we bought and delivered them.

It took us 14 days from the moment of purchase to delivery.

Cost: 45 756 UAH (~$1200)

The defenders on the border with the Donetsk region who received walkie-talkies

Things for the military in the Ukrainian East

A friend of our CEO came up with a request for buying things which are necessary on the battlefield for the battalion in the East. The list of things included:

  • tactical helmet goggles;
  • walkie-talkies;
  • the Impact Sport electronic earmuff;
  • AK-47 Silencers;
  • tactical gloves;
  • military raincoats;
  • automobile parts.

In 9 days, our Ihor and Valeriia delivered all the things.

Cost: 116 081 UAH (~$2800)

Our PM Team Lead Valeriia Vyshnevska and Ihor Rozumniuk from the HR department who are delivering things for soldiers
Soldiers who have received all the things

DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo

Our colleague from Collaborator asked us to buy a drone for her husband from an anti-tank artillery division. The problem was that they did not have a drone at all. So, after looking for various models in different stores, we decided to buy the DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo. It has a good camera with high resolution and noise suppression. It can be in the air for up to 46 minutes, and it can even detect obstacles in all directions. Also, we bought extra flight batteries for the drone.

Cost: 143 300 UAH (~$2800)

Our colleagues Ihor and Irina delivered the drone to soldiers
The letter of appreciation and chevrons from soldiers 

Motorola walkie-talkies

We got a request for walkie-talkies from our colleague—the project manager, Kateryna Volovych. Her uncle is defending Ukraine on the border with the Donetsk region. Eventually, we bought 2 Motorola walkie-talkies which he needed.

Cost: 52 000 UAH (~$1300)

Kateryna’s mother Svitlana Volovych with Kateryna’s uncle

Things and devices for Bogdan, our colleague who defends Ukraine 

Bogdan is our PPC specialist who went to war at the call of his heart. We try to support him in each possible way. We are all proud of Bohdan, waiting for him to come back and share his achievements with us.

The latest requests we got from Bogdan were a pocket saw, a walkie-talkie, and a tablet together with a solar charger.

Cost: 38 996 UAH (~$1050)

The things which we delivered to Bogdan
Bogdan with the tablet he received from us

Powerbanks, a charger, and batteries for military

Our SEO specialist’s brothers are defending our country in the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces. Their request was to buy powerbanks (30000mAh), a battery charger, and batteries. We bought 4 powerbanks, 1 charger, and 130 batteries.

It took us 3 days to buy and deliver all the things.

Cost: 9280 UAH (~$250)

Things for brothers of our colleague

Disposable foam sponges “Estem Military”

Soldiers do need to take care of their hygiene in cramped conditions or lack of water. Such things as disposable foam sponges with towels are necessary. We bought 880 disposable foam sponges and received 50 sponges for free from the Estem shop because we showed them the official request from soldiers. They also gave us a discount of 10%.

We delivered sponges for the battalion in which the husband of our PM Valeriia Vyshnevska serves.

Cost: 24 175 UAH (~$650)

Disposable foam sponges

A thermal imager from our client 

One of our clients also helps Ukrainian soldiers. He had sent us a thermal imager which we delivered for the soldiers from the Azov Battalion. We appreciate it so much. And we are glad that our clients are also helping the military so we can bring the victory closer together. 

The thermal imager for Azov Battalion from our client


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