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Basic checklist on how to set up Amazon PPC campaigns

Anna Sychova
Anna Sychova
December 22, 2022 | 5 min. reading

Table of contents:

  1. Do you take advantage of all types of advertising?
  2. Are you using all types of keywords?
  3. How often do you update and revise your keywords?
  4. Do you frequently optimize your advertising?

Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform nowadays. Promoting business on Amazon is becoming increasingly difficult. This is not surprising, as the competition in the market is only growing. 

So today, we want to talk about the highlights of Amazon Ads campaigns and give a checklist of best practices.

Our clients often ask us, “What can we do to set our ad campaigns up for growth?” 

To help you succeed, we’ve written this article in which we’ve collected all the best practices and are ready to share them. Here you’ll find recommendations for advertising on Amazon. 

You can use the checklist to determine if your Amazon ad campaigns are set up for growth. 

Answer the following four comprehensive control questions to determine if you’re leveraging your advertising opportunities on Amazon.

1. Do you take advantage of all types of advertising?

If you want to grow your brand and not give your competitors a chance to beat you, you need to use all types of advertising campaigns on Amazon. Use Amazon-sponsored products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads. Together, all these types of campaigns help you reach your desired ROI. You shouldn’t forget about video advertising, either, because it can be particularly effective in increasing your brand awareness and are a great alternative to static images.

2. Are you using all types of keywords?

Based on your advertising strategy, you allocate your budget to each type of targeting differently. But to be able to optimize your advertising strategy, make sure you have brand keywords and growth opportunities. We recommend covering keywords, specific products, and key product categories suitable for your brand. Don’t forget about remarketing, as this is a very important tool that allows you to increase your sales. Using these strategies, you can target your target audience and re-engage with users who have visited your listings but have yet to make a purchase.

3. How often do you update and revise your keywords?

When campaigns are trained and have enough data, they can identify the most converting keywords, and you can also see the keywords that are bringing in a lot of traffic but not converting. To get the most out of your advertising budget and achieve your desired ROI, it is important to review and analyze results by keyword as part of your regular optimization work.

4. Do you frequently optimize your advertising?

Have you ever heard the sentence “Set it and forget it”? Run away from such specialists. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to do optimization work every day after launching your campaigns and then every few days thereafter. It’s also worth paying attention to market conditions. If your category is highly competitive and there are new sellers coming in all the time, don’t be lazy to check your account more often. Amazon’s advertising platform is constantly evolving and opening up new opportunities. If you want your products to be at the top of the marketplace, follow the news and take advantage of new features faster than anyone else. This allows you to capture more market share.

Consider an example. In this campaign, we can see that the budget is not being spent in the most efficient way because the first key spends about 90% of the budget, even though we have keywords where the ACOS (Average Cost of Sales) is lower, but they hardly ever showed up. In this case, separating high and low-frequency keys is better. Because if you use too many keywords, bid management is actually missing.

To make your campaigns more effective, simply log into your account and see if your campaigns are optimized for growth using this checklist.

Our specialists are helping clients to improve the effectiveness of advertising and achieve the desired results. Contact us to request an audit of your Amazon Advertising account. It can be a good step for improvement.

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