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Why corporate blogging is vital for your success: 10 important reasons

Kushnarova Victoria
Kushnarova Victoria
March 10, 2023 | 16 min. reading

Every day can bring your business something unexpected. Unfortunately, it is not always about unbeatable company ratings. Sometimes, especially at the start, business owners face difficulties trying to manage everyone and everything. And even if you do your best, it can be challenging to stand out from competitors nowadays. 

Yet, such instability is a great reason to work harder, learn more and never stop, no matter how solid your company is. A new approach to well-known processes can jazz up your company’s success. 

A good example is corporate blogging, which doesn’t come to mind initially. Still, over 7 million blogs appear every day on the web, and there must be some reason for these numbers.  

Indeed, many of these blogs are created to boost businesses quickly and effectively. And this is the matter of our discussion for today. Keep on reading to discover the main benefits of corporate blogging!

What is corporate blogging?

Well, every web designer and marketer would agree that a blog is essential to modern websites. Withal, corporate blogging is far more than just a site section. Corporate blogging is creating diverse content and posting it to maximize a company’s profits. 

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the distribution of B2B content in 2022 was as follows. 71% of respondents identify an increase in the value of content marketing over the past 12 months.

According to a Semrush study, 97% of the businesses surveyed said they had generated positive results from content marketing, up from 91% last year.

The most popular type of content for corporate blogs is articles. They should be published regularly and based on useful information for readers if you want them to attract users and promote your product. 

Generally, a corporate blog is a company’s means of communicating with its customers. It is also a perfect place to provide relevant information recommending your products and services. 

With that said, creating such content should be performed by a team of professionals, whether inside your company or by a trusted third-party agency. As for the audience, you need to know whom you will reach to develop your content right.

10 benefits of corporate blogging

A company blog is far more than just a business card. It is a powerful marketing tool. Now, let’s dwell on the most imposing advantages of corporate blogging!

#1. Boosting brand awareness

Did you know that consistently improving brand awareness across online platforms increases sales by 23%? And this is on average, so results can be even better. 

In short, brand awareness is one of the main marketing goals that also leads to sales growth. Yet, if people do not know your company, they will prefer competitors more often. With corporate blogging, you can tell the world about your brand values ​​and the use of your product to customers. 

Here are a few more benefits a company receives by working on its recognition:

  1. Bring the team together. Working in a successful company that is recognizable on the market greatly boosts the morale of the whole team. They will be more dedicated to working even harder, improving their skills, and increasing your company’s profits.
  2. Advertising channel for free. How would you like it if you received a free advertisement for your company? But that is exactly what you get when you resolve your customers’ problems through your blog or with your product. They will spread information about your brand through word-of-mouth, increasing brand awareness even further.
  3. Indicating the quality of your marketing. At the initial stages, brand awareness metrics (brand impression, website traffic, etc.) are a great way to determine whether your marketing strategy is working or whether you need to change the promotion campaign.

#2. Driving traffic to a website

Of course, you may have the coolest product and a really catchy website for it. Yet, how can your potential audience find it? Usually, users just enter their queries in the search bar and go to the first site they see to get answers. What you need is to ensure your site will be at the highest positions in this query, and blogging is the best way to do so, as the semantic core of a site with a blog is huge. Of course, there are other means how to drive traffic to your site, but they aren’t as affordable as corporate blogging.

In 2023, 72% of companies use SEO in their content distribution strategy. This means that by abandoning the SEO channel, the business loses one of the effective lead generation channels.

#3. Expanding customer base

Companies that have blogs get 55% more website visitors. 

Therefore, fill your corporate blog with content related to your niche. For example, invite experts from other companies to the conversation. 

Such a professional touch to creating articles will help you diversify your content and show your audience a high level of expertise in what you do. As a result, it will boost conversions and sales. Also, make sure that you post only high-quality, unique content without spam links. Otherwise, you’ll get penalized by Google and lose traffic.

Remember to promote your content on the most popular social networks for your audience. Add links to your site and relevant hashtags to increase the availability of your posts. As for the hashtags, they must be strictly tied to the topic of a post so that interested people can find, read, and even share it further.

#4. Winning the trust of the target audience

How you implement corporate blogging can give you impressive results, like customers’ trust. How does it work?

For example, expert advice on significant issues is important not only to show that you care about your customers. Such a tactic also allows you to be ahead of competitors because you produce first-rate useful content without spamming and inappropriate advertising.

It all starts with trust in the content, then trust is developed in the one from whom it comes, like in an expert or brand. And then, people consider your product itself worthy and reliable. They can even recommend such a product to their relatives and friends. 

So, once again, you need corporate blogs to:

  1. Win the audience’s loyalty. Loyalty is a story about the emotional affinity between a brand and a customer, which you can get only if you respect your audience and provide high-quality content.
  2. Form a positive company image. The kind of articles you provide your readers with indicates your respect for their time. And time is the most valuable resource we have.

#5. Showing your transparency 

If one of your company values is transparency, start using your business blog to express it. Be sure that your audience will like it. There are lots of creative ways to show your transparency through corporate blogging.

For instance, introduce articles-interviews with leading experts of your company. They can give some pieces of advice to beginners by sharing their experiences. Plus, content like this is usually based on real work cases, which generally is fully unique and up-to-date. It will also attract readers with its lively style of storytelling.

#6. Keeping your audience informed

Corporate blogs are quite informational. In your blog, feel free to publish company news in a friendly manner. Likewise, mention your industry news and other topics related to your product. 

A company blog also shares tips and tricks with clients or explains a problematic issue in detail. Anything you want to tell and show your potential customers can be posted on a blog. 

Write about how business processes are organized in your company. Tell your readers about managing employees, finding new clients, and more. Finally, use corporate blogging to share various events from the daily life of your company, and do not hesitate to tell people about your latest achievements. 

For example, write and attach photos about how your company provides volunteer work or cares for the environment. How else can your audience learn about replacing plastic cups with paper ones in your office? It is also important, as it brings you closer to your customers and makes them feel like a part of your community.

#7. Giving people emotions

People tend to buy emotions, not things. For this reason, use your business blog to warm up the expectations of your audience before launching, updating, or enhancing your product.

In more detail, corporate blogging is a type of emotional marketing. Emotional marketing is an approach that uses emotions to influence consumers. This tool is undoubtedly effective, as most of what we, people, do is driven by emotions. Evoking emotions in your customers creates a strong first impression of the product and encourages them to make a purchase decision.

Furthermore, research shows that positive content circulates much faster on social media than any other type of information. When someone is happy, we want to mirror that emotion that makes us smile and share it with others. 

However, emotions are versatile. Write different articles to evoke happiness, sadness, or anger, depending on your strategy, the peculiarities of the product, or the current situation. Just be clear about what you want to evoke in your audience and what results it should bring.

#8. Gathering people with common interests

An informative and useful blog can help you build a strong community on your platform. But that’s not enough. Allow your readers to leave comments, ask questions under the posts, etc., to engage your audience in conversation. 

What are the benefits for you here? Well, the audience is more likely to return to the site that promotes conversation than to a static one with plain texts, even if it has undeniable expertise. 

Additionally, a live audience will not only increase your web traffic as they will stay on your site for longer, but they will also promote your product to their friends or even on other platforms.

Here are some additional tips to help you develop a strong community through a corporate blog:

  1. Continually add valuable content. These can be answers to questions from your audience, reviews of products or services, tips on how to do something, and other interesting topics useful to your readers.  
  2. Post your content on social networks. Add links to your new articles on your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. This allows you to reach a wider audience and attract new readers.
  3. Respond to comments. Be active in the comments on your blog and social media. Answer questions and feedback from readers, interact with them, and use their ideas to create new content.  
  4. Collaborate with other bloggers. Search for bloggers who write about topics related to yours and offer them to share posts or exchange links. This will help to build trust in your company and boost brand awareness.
  5. Create content regularly. Try to schedule your content and publish articles regularly. This will help you keep your readers interested and allure new ones. Stimulate interaction with the audience. Create surveys, feedback requests, challenges, and more to engage your audience.

#9. Hearing your audience 

This advantage of using corporate blogging follows from the previous point as an opportunity to learn everything about your customers’ preferences. What does it mean?

Readers’ comments are an important source of information. They allow you to learn about the needs of people interested in questions related to your product and adapt your offer to a varying market. 

However, at this stage, be prepared for some criticism and take it as an opportunity for growth. Read your readers’ feedback and tailor your product or services to different age groups and their preferences to increase conversions. 

#10. Reinforcing other SEO processes 

Constant changes in Google search algorithms cause confusion and despair among company owners. Now, to get higher rankings in search engines, you should regularly post optimized content to fill your site with relevant links and keywords.

And that’s why sites with effective blogs receive impressive rankings in Google and why corporate blogging takes a leading place among other SEO processes. With every new post, you can target additional keywords to attract new customers and bring new leads, which is challenging without a blog page.

Does it make sense to start a content strategy now?

According to Semrush report:

  • 43% of the most successful content marketing respondents spend over $5,000 monthly on content;
  • 77% of the most successful content marketing respondents plan to increase their content marketing budgets in 2023;
  • 66% of the most successful content marketing respondents have at least four content specialists on their team.

Therefore, according to studies and our own experience of working with B2B companies in the European and US markets, we confirm the effectiveness of the content strategy for long-term lead generation and increasing brand awareness. At the same time, businesses must be aware that content marketing strategy will require investments in the beginning.

Livepage recommends outsourcing content creation to professionals rather than hiring an in-house team. The advantages of this approach are:

  • lower dependence on an in-house team without the need to finance it monthly, regardless of the volume of content;
  • ability to scale the amount of content;
  • technical fact-checking for the technology business (an expert from Livepage can check the text for truthfulness and authenticity);
  • possibility of creating content by native authors;
  • professional editors, high level of English proficiency, compliance with business language standards.

Livepage can close full-cycle content marketing services: SEO, content creation, visual content creation, and content management.

Contact us with the “full cycle content-marketing” note to learn details from our sales managers and receive a discount for the first 3 months of our cooperation.

Wrapping it up

Show people your business blog, and they will define how successful and trusted your company is. Now, you know what is behind this little statement. 

Your company can lose lots of money without a well-designed, modern website. And a corporate blog is a great marketing tool for the whole website promotion and more. So, give it a shot! Yet, if you do not know where to begin or how to make your business blog effective, contact our company. Livepage experts have extensive experience, infinite inspiration, and working tactics for your business promotion.

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