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7 Popular Software Review Sites and How They Can Bring New Leads to Your Business

Polina Antoniuk
Polina Antoniuk
November 16, 2023 | 17 min. reading

As a software vendor, you want to receive reviews from the customers that have used your software. Both software users and B2C or B2B buyers look through online reviews of other customers who have already purchased the software/ subscription to the product they are considering purchasing. Apart from these, software review sites have many more benefits to offer. Discover how top B2C and top B2B software review sites can bring traffic to your business and even qualified leads, what are the best software review sites, and how to get the most out of them.

What is a Software Service Review Site?

Software Services review sites are platforms for professionals and companies that deal with software products where clients can rate them and leave reviews.

Such websites help users discover the technology they need to reach their business goals, review their software, and connect with people behind the businesses. Software comparison sites contain profiles of software companies, usually categorized by industries. They have listings of top products in the niche, reports, and awards which you can showcase on your website.


Importance of Software Review Websites

Clients tend to do research before choosing software, and since the emergence of software service review sites, they are the information source they use most frequently. Here are the main benefits of having accounts at software service review sites:

1) Increase your brand visibility

Software review sites often rank high on Google and other search engines, so listing your company product there and having good reviews can impact site traffic and benefit your business. 

2) Increase your traffic and product sales

Users who visit software review sites and reach your profile are already warm leads with a particular need that your product can cover. These sites have millions of reviews and are considered trustworthy sources of information. Moreover, customers tend to trust reviews of other customers who have already purchased and used the product. So it’s your chance to be in the spotlight. Your profile on business software review sites may drive high-quality referral traffic to your website, potentially bringing you leads.

3) Get real feedback about your business

We live in a high-competition world, where staying up to notch is essential for success. Having an account at Software Review Websites will help you receive feedback about your software and discover your business’s strengths and the points that need improvement.

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

Bill Gates

4) Discover your competitors

Your competitors’ products can give you a lot of info about your business and niche: what their clients say about their product, its selling points and weaknesses, and what the users value the most in the industry. A software ranking site has categories, various listings, and reports to discover who the other players in the field are.

G2 Grid report for CRM –

5) Improve trust in your brand

Most software review websites provide widgets showing that you have a profile there, displaying your rate and number of reviews. It’s an excellent chance to create a reputation as a trustworthy vendor for your clients and improve brand recognition, especially if you are new to the market. 

6) Convince your potential buyer

The Business software reviews and information on your profiles, such as pros and cons, comparisons, and detailed descriptions, will make your client’s choice more considered and deliberate.


How Software Review Platforms Can Boost Website Traffic and Bring Leads to Your Business

Having accounts at the leading Software Review Websites will help you increase your visibility for potential customers.

86% of software buyers use peer review sites when buying software.

Buyer Behavior Report 2022,

Software Review Websites are ranked high on Google; therefore, their traffic reaches millions of visitors with an interest in software or even the intent to buy a product.

Google search results for “best CRM” query

These sites are also considered a trustworthy source of information and reviews for their visitors. They are so-called warm leads, mostly coming to the website with a clear need for the software of the type you produce. Therefore, this tool can bring referral traffic to your business websites and may give you qualified leads who already have pain points that your software can close. A qualified lead is a prospect who fits the profile of an ideal customer with the intent to buy.

How do you get started?

  1. Create your business profile on 3-5 software review sites.
  2. Refer some of your satisfied clients to these sites, asking them to write a word or two about their experience using your software.
  3. Place the review platform’s widgets on your website.

7 Top Software Service Review Sites

There are plenty of B2C and B2B software review websites. Here, we will list the best software review websites based on the number of reviews and the volume of organic traffic per month.


It is a peer-to-peer review site that compares the best business software and services based on user ratings and social data. It provides reviews for CRM, ERP, HR, CAD, PDM, and Marketing software. G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace.

Traffic 5,5M /m  | 2,270,200+ real reviews | 2,100+ categories

Product profile: The company profile contains information about the product, product features, reviews, discussions, and pricing.

Special features

  • The site has an AI assistant for buying software.
  • G2 Grid reports — compare products within one category based on customer satisfaction and market presence scores.
  • Comparison of any number of products.
  • The business profile contains reviews and discussion.
  • The top-users’ reviews are marked as helpful and go up in the reviews list.

Awards: G2 Trust Badges


Capterra is an online platform where buyers can compare software and service providers and read verified reviews. The company utilizes user reviews and research to help consumers select software for their needs. On the vendors’ side, Capterra creates an opportunity to showcase the products and collect user reviews. Capterra is a part of the Gartner Digital Markets’ network of review sites—Capterra, Software Advice, GetApp, and UpCity.

1.4M visits/ month | 2 Million+ Verified Reviews | 100,000+ Solutions

Product profile: The company profile contains information about the product, its features, alternatives, popular comparisons, reviews, and video reviews.

Features: Capterra Shortlists are represented on the grid.

Awards: Yes.

Paid features: No.


SourceForge is the largest centralized online platform to control and manage open-source software projects and research business software where buyers can find, compare, review, and purchase business software and IT services. SourceForge is the largest and most trusted destination to look for software, reviews, and web development.

4M Organic Traffic per month

Product profile: The company profile contains information about the product, product features, FAQ about the product, product categories, ratings, reviews, alternatives, and pricing.

Awards: Yes.

Paid features: No.


Trustpilot is one of the biggest global review platforms, with ”Internet & Software” as one of the subcategories. It is ideal for B2B software vendors or those that service both B2C and B2B.

8,5M traffic per month | 8,500 software profiles

Product profile: The company profile contains information about the product and reviews.

Awards: Yes.

Paid features: Paid profile plans offer varied functions such as review invitations, website widgets, analytics dashboards, and third-party integrations. The site also provides paid add-on modules.


GetApp is an online resource for businesses exploring software as a service (SaaS) products. It helps buyers compare software products side-by-side with GetApp’s free interactive tools and detailed product data.

1,5M traffic per month | 1.9M + user reviews | 30K+ software profiles

Product profile: The vendor’s profile contains information about the product, features (essential features, common ones), product reviews, software alternatives, comparisons, pricing, and integrations.

Awards: No.

Paid features: No.


Softwareadvice helps to choose software based on one-on-one help and personalized recommendations. It offers vendors highly qualified software buyer leads who have been phone-qualified by their consultants to meet the vendor’s specific criteria. The website’s workflow is represented in the picture on the right.

1,7M traffic per month | 1M + user reviews | 600 software categories

Product profile: The vendor’s profile contains information about the company, product, detailed categories, product reviews, software comparison, alternatives, and prices.

Awards: No.

Paid features: sponsored profile in the software listing.


TrustRadius provides in-depth, high-quality, detailed user reviews for software buyers. Their review process results in deeper, more detailed, and balanced information compared to other similar sites.

888k traffic per month | 487,000+ reviews | 550 + categories

Product profile: The vendor’s profile contains information about the company, product, categories, product features, product details, screenshots and videos, comparison, and price.

Awards: Yearly TrustRadius Awards.

Paid features: The company helps vendors research reviews, providing them with licenses and tools to use the feedback in their channels. It also provides access to anonymized purchase intent data.


Software review sites matter a lot for your business recognition and trustworthiness, so it is always a good idea to have business profiles on such platforms. Even more importantly, they bring referral traffic and qualified leads to your business. Make sure to add this point to your business marketing plan.

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How much does listing your software on top software review sites cost?

It’s free. However, software review sites offer some paid features, such as placing your offers or being recommended by the site.

What benefits can you get from listing your software on a software review website?

Your business will get referral traffic and qualified leads; your brand will be more visible, trusted, and recognized.

How do I get reviews on software ranking sites?

At first, you may ask your satisfied clients to write a small review, and if your business is big enough or when it gets bigger, your customers may leave a review by themselves by clicking on a widget on your website. Still, it is a good idea to ask your sales team to ask satisfied buyers to leave feedback. Some of the top software review websites invite reviewers independently (community members contribute reviews or use external sources to find potential reviewers) or on the vendor’s behalf.

How to reach top positions in lists on these websites?

All the data, including reviews and ratings, are handled by a sophisticated website algorithm.

How many profiles should I create?

The more listings you make, the better the results will be for your brand and product.

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