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7 Ways Professional Copywriting Helps Your Business Achieve Its Goals

Yaryna Dzhygin
Yaryna Dzhygin
April 27, 2023 | 8 min. reading

Have you ever thought of copywriting as an effective tool to get people to purchase? If you wonder why writing copies is so important in marketing, the answer is simple: words are powerful. By knowing what to say and how to do it, you can attract and retain readers, persuade them to take action, and turn them into paying customers.

Indeed, copywriting can make a huge difference as an essential part of content marketing. Regardless of what your business is about (whether you sell goods or provide application development services), well-written content matters more than you can imagine. 

Without further ado, let us get straight to the advantages of effective copywriting that your business will benefit most. 

  • Helps your business grow 

It’s no secret some businesses quickly fill up their websites with catchy write-ups, yet others struggle with this task, considering copywriting a colossal undertaking. 

We can relate to that! Even though we create articles daily, it isn’t always a piece of cake to come up with brilliant ideas that ultimately hit the spot. 

Though, there is one thing we all must admit: professional copywriting helps businesses significantly.

Firstly, good copywriting might boost organic traffic by enriching the website with high-quality content. White papers, blog posts, offer pages, and other strategic content can help grow your brand.  

Secondly, social media posts are another way to reach your audience and drive readers to your website. Like any other article, social media posts must be concise, bright, and targeted. So, if you are unsure you can generate powerful content that converts, leave this task to a pro. Otherwise, the effect will be only visual. 

  • Connects you with customers

Connecting with your target audience is an essential part of the copywriting process. Unfortunately, many businesses underestimate the significance of writing not only “about” the company or service but mostly “for” the potential customers. Yes, your readers are already aware of the advantages of your product (most likely, you’ve mentioned it several times throughout the article). However, rather than focusing only on self-praise, consider paying extra attention to the customers’ needs. 

An example of addressing the clients’ pain points

Understanding the target audience is a vital part of all content creation. You must bear in mind that the readers are searching for information about the pains your services relieve and the gains they offer. This task can be easily fulfilled through copywriting. 

A well-written article grabs new visitors’ attention and shows how your company’s product meets the customers’ expectations. Such an approach will little by little nurture readers into regular customers because they know – whenever they need an effective solution, they will get it from you. Once the trust is earned, it’s only a matter of time before you see the results. 

  • Helps you get discovered 

 In the digital age, whenever people need information, they search online. That’s why good copywriters keep in mind the audience they engage with and search engines like Google. By including relevant keywords, catchy headings, and optimizing published content, you can increase the chances of your website appearing higher in search results.

An example of keywords research for the client’s blog articles

Copywriting can also help a company get found on social media. Creating unique and shareable content allows you to reach a wider audience, expand your client base, and build a strong media presence on platforms like Instagram or Twitter. This, in turn, can lead to more website traffic and sales.  

  • Educates your prospects 

Sometimes business owners assume their prospects are already familiar with the company’s solutions. Unfortunately, most don’t know how exactly your product or service can help. But, as a company, you have something up your sleeve – you can educate them. It can help you form a decent client base – customers who understand your product’s peculiarities and are easy to work with. 

All you have to do is repeatedly cover your topic, raising awareness about what your company does to ease customers’ pain points and enhance an overall customer experience. By doing so, you can bring up an army of refined consumers. 

On top of that, well-crafted on-brand copies can even create or raise demand for the products or services your company offers, thereby nurturing prospects into leads. 

  • Saves your time 

Hiring a copywriter to create copies for your website or blog may seem like a needless expense. Still, if you want your content marketing strategy to work, you must update your publications and regularly add new ones. 

It goes without saying – when you run a business, you have many things on your mind. And, of course, you cannot spend most of your time creating content by yourself. Therefore, hiring a professional is a win-win situation: it saves time and nurtures your target audience. How? While you focus on what you do best, a copywriter delivers polished write-ups to fill up your website. It sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it?

  • Increases your sales 

Creating actionable content takes skill, a lot of work, and a bit of imagination. There is a huge difference between a bland copy full of clichés and a copy that appeals to the readers’ emotions and shows in what aspects of life they will see changes for the better if they decide to stick to your offer. Well-written copies drive conversions and, therefore, can increase your sales dramatically. 

An example of the correlation between traffic and sales growth

 However, if you want this scenario to be implemented effectively, you should assign this task to an expert. A good copywriter knows what is required to create copy that moves a reader down to making a desired purchase. 

Here is how it works: when a potential customer can’t help their curiosity to learn more about a product or service, it means the copywriter hit the mark. 

  • Enhances brand image 

It probably has never hit you that copywriting is one of the most powerful (and most undervalued) tools at your disposal when it comes to branding. 

According to the  “State of Writing 2021” from Typeset and Mantis Research, 86% of business communicators are confident that readers will make negative assumptions about a brand if they discover errors in written content. What is more, it turns out that only 34% of them regularly send all their content for proofreading, and only 56% fact-check all the information they publish.

The good news is that if you avoid those mistakes and direct your efforts to communicate your brand as effectively as possible, you can build a great brand image. And professional copywriting can help you with that. 

As you know, how we express ourselves in written content is how people tend to picture our personality and, consequently, the brand we represent. Due to this reason, regular publishing of sharp, flawless, and relatable copies is a sign of quality brand customers would love to be associated with.

Remember: the quality of your publications impacts how your company is perceived. So if you’re serious about shaping the brand image you have always craved, copywriting is the most effective tool to help you do that. 

Just ensure it is done by a professional, like a marketing or copywriting agency. 

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