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Email Marketing Leads Nurturing — Complete Business Guide

Daryna Omeniuk
Daryna Omeniuk
June 29, 2023 | 5 min. reading

Stages of the sales funnel and lead nurturing

When it comes to clients, building the proper sales funnel is the foundation of everything in any business. This concept represents an average client’s journey from the moment they become aware of your product until they make a purchase. 

Along the way, it is necessary to consider clients’ needs, questions, and motivations for decision-making. And leads nurturing is responsible for conversion at every stage of this funnel.

The primary objective of lead nurturing is to provide the contact with information that satisfies their main needs or pain points and helps them recognize your service or product as the solution to their problem. This eventually brings the client closer to the next stage of the funnel.

While each project may have its unique sales funnel concept, there are generally three main stages and how email marketing relates to each of them:

  1. At the “entrance” stage, we utilize lead magnets to attract targeted contacts and add them to our database. We then engage in personalized communication with these contacts.
  2. The middle of the funnel is the stage where we aim to influence the decision-making process of leads. We employ triggered email campaigns, distribute exclusive and valuable information, and convey the product’s value. Our goal at this stage is to build trust with clients.
  3. In the final stage, we have a hot audience with a well-formed opinion about the brand and product. Our focus shifts to converting these prospects, and we are prepared to engage in meaningful communication to agree on the terms of our services or products.

Recent market research validates the effectiveness of this lead nurturing approach using email marketing: approximately 50% of clients who initially show no interest in making a purchase turn into those who want to pay for a service or product without any hesitation. Therefore, employing effective communication methods with your audience significantly increases conversion rates.

Email marketing and lead nurturing: how to drive leads to purchase

Email marketing has consistently delivered the highest ROI (return on investment) among all digital marketing channels for several years.

Fascinating research conducted by the Email Marketing Industry Census in association with Upland Adestra revealed that 44% of surveyed email marketing professionals consider lead nurturing a common practice alongside other essential aspects of working with the channel:

Email marketing offers cost-effectiveness compared to advertising and enables personalized user behavior data. Segmentation based on various parameters empowers efficient and targeted communication with potential clients. By obtaining more information about them, you can craft highly personalized messages.

The result is a series of clear personalized emails with a common objective: to guide your leads toward making a purchase decision.

Automation is yet another advantage of email marketing. 

With the right tools, you can effortlessly create email lists and schedule emails to be sent at your convenience. Learn more about automation in our article. 

In addition to email segmentation, to increase the effectiveness of your lead nurturing strategy, use the following tips for creating email campaigns:

●      keep the subject line short and attention-grabbing;

●      invest time in crafting an attractive preview text;

●      include compelling calls to action (CTAs);

●      be concise in your messaging;

●      ensure your emails are mobile-friendly;

●      encourage potential clients to respond;

●      remember to conduct A/B testing.

Also, it is crucial to strike a balance with this strategy. Regular communication helps build relationships but avoid overwhelming your audience with excessive frequency to prevent being associated with spam.

You will require the right tools and expertise to embark on your email marketing journey. We at Livepage are always delighted to provide qualified and expert services to help your business reach new levels.

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