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Google May 2022 Core Update and Its Impact on Livepage Clients

Zlata Pustovalova
Zlata Pustovalova
June 14, 2022 | 4 min. reading

Google announced the launch of a new core update at the end of May. These kinds of search engine updates aim to improve user experience, which may lead to significant changes in the search engine. Large-scale updates typically frighten SEO professionals because they may lead to a significant drop in traffic for their projects. The Livepage SEO team also closely monitors the impact of updates on clients’ projects to respond quickly to the first signs of declining traffic and rankings. Fortunately, our work methods and diligent use of only “white hat” SEO instruments save the websites from the influence of search engine updates. 

What is this update changing? 

As usual, Google does not tell experts what algorithm changes have been made. But the SEO community has noticed some patterns so far:

  • more advanced snippets were added, especially for videos (which decreases your CTR even in the absence of falling positions);
  • partner websites, such as those optimized for Amazon, are affected;
  • Google is getting better at understanding search intents and reviews current search intents (which may lead you to drop positions if your pages do not match the intent).

What is the impact of the update on Livepage’s clients?

In short, it depends. We have been treating updates as kind of a trigger for a while. Websites that have stagnated for a long time can get a massive boost (especially new ones); those that have been slow but steady in their marketing for a long time may not notice significant changes (especially powerful and popular brands).

We selected various Livepage projects to present in the screenshots: new websites and popular brands, local businesses, and technology companies, with a focus on the markets of the USA, Great Britain, and the entire English-speaking world. The common denominator for all of Livepage’s clients is qualitative marketing and the absence of anxiety about a sharp drop because, as is usual for us, our clients didn’t experience any falls due to this core update.

NB: All charts show the organic traffic comparison for the last 28 days (blue) compared to the previous period (orange).

An IT outsourcing company
A mobile app developer
A local business in the USA
An IT outsourcing company
A British B2B company

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