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Mini-case: Influence of informative content on the ranking of commercial keywords

Anton Daliba
Anton Daliba
August 17, 2022 | 6 min. reading

Content is the №1 element in SEO promotion of any website. And it doesn’t matter what industry you work in. Content is a source of traffic for a website of any topic and size. It’s no secret that your position in search engines directly depends on the quality of this content.

Content can be different (for example, video or audio), but today we will talk about text content and a very interesting experience we received with our client.

Initial data

We have a website with IT development services. The company has expertise in 5 industries:

  • Healthcare, 
  • E-commerce, 
  • Human resources, 
  • Finance, 
  • Marketing. 

The website has landing pages for specific services and industries and a blog section with various content on topics related to these five industries.

The client wants to concentrate all efforts and get as many new clients as possible in the Healthcare industry, as this is the highest priority for the business and has the highest contribution margin.

Livepage’s task

We have to achieve the highest possible positions in the organic search of the existing landing page “Custom Healthcare Software Development Services” to increase the number of new customers for commercial keywords, and also fill the blog with new articles from this industry to increase lead generation for informational keywords.

What was done?

Landing page optimization

First, we optimized the “Custom Healthcare Software Development Services” page. We:

  • completely redid the structure of blocks with content on the page,
  • added CTA forms to the page,
  • updated the metadata on the page,
  • posted new text.

As a result, the client received a noticeably better result in Google:

Article promotion

We drew up a new content plan. It is important to understand that it was given the greatest attention.

However, we did not immediately consider various trends, collections of tools, and similar general topics that do not help solve the client’s problem but provide generalized information about the healthcare industry.

Every effort was made to describe the client’s expertise in the industry. We discussed the types of applications the company developed, the client’s government and regulatory certifications, and their impact on development capabilities. Based on the client’s experience, a content plan was prepared. These were very niche topics in the healthcare industry, which are usually sought after by companies closely related to the specifics of the industry:

Separately, we should note that we created content of the highest quality.

Each article was so expertly written and SEO optimized that it hit the top of organic search every time. We did not aim at high-frequency requests; it was more important for us to reveal the client’s expertise. It is better to attract 10 users to the page, but for each of them to apply for development.

Work on the implementation of the content plan lasted 5 months. In addition to a significant increase in organic traffic and new customers, we also confirmed the hypothesis that high-quality informative content about a specific industry positively impacts the position of the landing page of this industry in organic search.

What was achieved?

The most interesting thing is that at the beginning of intensive work on SEO promotion in the healthcare industry, a hypothesis was formed that when the website is filled with content from a specific industry (in our case, healthcare), positions in the Google organic search of the commercial page “Custom Healthcare Software Development Services” may increase. And as it turned out, the hypothesis was confirmed.

It is vital to understand that during the implementation of the content plan (for 5 months) the commercial page did not have any internal or external links.

The landing page was only optimized at the beginning, and no one touched it after that.

This is the result we got without a single link:

! It is important to note that this result was achieved in highly competitive topics, where the level of competition (KD) for keywords is 36 to 46.


As a result, the project achieved high positions for the industrial page, which is a priority for our client’s business. Also, each blog article we wrote in 5 months independently generates a large amount of organic traffic and new customers.

In 5 months of work, we have achieved (the data is a comparison with the previous similar period):

  • 175.4% increase in targeted organic traffic,
  • 188.1% increase in landing page impressions,
  • 75.6% increase in conversions.

High-quality content can “move” the positions of thematically related pages, which is a fact. The most important point is the quality of the content you create and place on your website!

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