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What is lead generation, and how to make it effective?

Alona Yaryfa
Alona Yaryfa
January 17, 2023 | 3 min. reading

What is lead generation?

Lead generation refers to marketing processes aimed at finding new potential customers. 

Lead generation has changed significantly in recent years, but it remains integral in  helping companies establish relationships, attract qualified leads, and ultimately close deals.

What is the purpose of lead generation?

Whether you are a B2B company or sell your products or services in B2C marketplaces, lead generation is crucial for almost any business.

Why? Because a company won’t have an opportunity to convert leads into customers without getting leads first.

If you want your business to grow, you require a good lead-generation strategy. You should see a growing number of people who are interested in discovering what you have to offer.

The main processes of lead generation

To achieve results in lead generation, we go through such main stages:

  1. Defining the ICP of the project.
  2. Creating a strategy for working with the selected ICP and preparing messages for LinkedIn and Email.
  3. Unloading the contact database of potential leads.
  4. Sending messages and continuing communication with the obtained leads.
  5. Analysis of the results.
  6. A/B tests and optimization of the received results.

Why does Livepage Lead Generation bring results?

When working with your business, we strive to:

  1. Always take into account the return on investment from Lead Generation expenses.
  2. Get the MVP of the ICP search and the right messaging strategy, which will generate early revenue.
  3. Use the Pareto principle and work on the 20% of tasks that produce 80% of the results.

It is crucial to achieve quality and quantity. This allows you not to waste time on unqualified potential customers and let your business grow faster.

The lead generation services are available for collecting leads and analyzing their effectiveness.

There are many ways and tools to organize a continuous and constantly growing stream of traffic (lead generation). 

It’s no news that lead generation can be time-consuming and challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to generate leads and many tools you can use to speed up the process.

How do you find targeted leads

To find them, it is first important to understand:

  • whether a potential buyer has a problem that the product can solve;
  • where they work and whether they can benefit from the product;
  • whether they have the means and authority to decide to purchase a product;
  • whether your product can provide a potential client with more value than a competitive solution they use now or consider as an option.

Contact us to find the best lead generation stratedy for your business.

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