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How to Improve Advertising Performance Using the PPC Protect Service

Volodymyr Kovalchuk
Volodymyr Kovalchuk
June 16, 2022 | 3 min. reading

Often while setting and adjusting advertising campaigns you may face common problems: 

  • advertising brings spam inquiries;
  • irrelevant leads appear;
  • traffic comes from relevant search queries, but behavioral metrics in Google Analytics indicate that this traffic is not relevant to your business.

The Livepage team is always looking for new products and solutions for their clients to solve these problems and improve advertising performance. One of the novelties that has become an effective solution for projects is the PPC Protect service for protecting traffic from click fraud and spam requests in advertising channels like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

While setting up advertising campaigns, our team analyzes all the risks that may reduce the number of high-quality requests and a general decrease in advertising campaign results.

If you’ve successfully checked your landing page’s conversion rate, all the negative keywords and search queries that you’re getting from your traffic semantics, and you’re still getting irrelevant traffic, it looks like you should consider protecting your ad campaigns. How can you do this with PPC Protect?

Let’s look at the example of one of our clients’ advertising campaigns. It will take us no more than 1 minute to search for these “types” of clicks, since the PPC Protect interface allows you to filter everything quickly and find the following:

Analysis of our clients’ advertising campaigns in the PPC Protect

Yes, this is our client from the UK, and his advertising campaigns were set up exclusively for the UK market at that moment. But we observed some traffic from other countries. Where did it come from? We checked the GEO campaign settings and saw that everything was set up correctly—only for audiences from the UK.

But let’s take a closer look at the screenshot. We can see that traffic comes from different countries, and sometimes click fraud happens 2–3 times simultaneously. In this case, PPC Protect monitors the traffic and puts the IP from where the click occurred on the negative list. Traffic is cleaned, protected, and covers the losses of the advertising budget.

Below you will find an example of another client. Within a week, PPC Protect identified 10% of advertising campaign traffic as spam. Considering that advertising campaigns regularly bring results to the client, we would like to save another 10% of possible results.

It is important to clarify here that the financial results absolutely justify the price of service connection and subscription fees. We make media plans for our clients to make it easier to decide about the profitability of connecting such a service and approve additional costs. You can see the difference between working with and without the service right in this media plan.

By default, the Livepage team connects this tool on a free-of-charge basis in the “monitoring” status to understand the situation of click fraud. While your advertising campaigns are constantly monitored, we will immediately notice traffic spamming on your website.

Contact us if you need help setting up, managing, and optimizing your advertising campaigns.

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